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It Is Completely Free To Smile.

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It Is Completely Free To Smile.

Portrait of young woman with curly hair in the city. It is Completely Free to Smile

Did you know that it is completely free to smile? Smiling not only brightens your own day but can also improve the moods and well-being of those around you. Learn more about the benefits of smiling and how to incorporate more smiles into your life.

Portrait of young woman with curly hair in the city. It is Completely Free to Smile

It is Completely Free to Smile

Those that tend to be happy and who have a positive outlook on life are the kind of individuals I want to be around. There are way too many folks walking around who appear to be depressed. Come on, people, a grin doesn’t cost anything.

I must admit that I was among those who roamed a gloomy nation. I used to feel terrible for myself because I had so many things on my mind that I was no longer satisfied with. Even as I write about it today, I still chuckle at how pitiful I was back then.

But things are about to alter. The name Karen was given to every newcomer to the social group I was a part of. Although it might seem unfair, Karen didn’t have much going for her. Maybe I won’t say anything, but let’s say I stopped being envious of her. Karen and I became increasingly close and frequently video-talked.

I might be prepared for her to show up at 1:00 p.m. in my depressed state of mind. She did actually show up, her smile never fails. As we got to know one another, talking to each other wasn’t a problem for us, and she wasn’t negative at all. Every time she spoke, she raved fervently about singing and movies. I wondered throughout the day why I couldn’t be as content, cheerful, and smiling as Karen was with virtually nothing.

A last word

This was the start of an entirely new phase in my life. A generation of happiness, gratitude for what I do have, and the belief that I am better than anything else.

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