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10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears- It’s Within

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10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears- It’s Within

10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear, preventing you from fully experiencing life? This fear most likely has kept you from having MORE fun or achieving greater success. Do you concur? You are no longer alone. Even I have to. So with that said here are 10 tips for conquering your fears. 

10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears

My story of conquering fear

The concern I overcame in the story below was not my primary concern, but after some reflection, I realized how much it was preventing me from living my life to the fullest. It also taught me a valuable lesson about increasing my self-esteem by overcoming my fears.

At the end of my story, I’ll give you advice on how to overcome your fears.

Earlier this year, my family and I went to Disneyland with my daughter Kam and niece CJ. We all enjoy the magic and were having a good time until my mother and the kids left for the rides.

As they dashed to the rides, I slowed considerably. I came to a halt, sat down, and began organizing our belongings. As soon as I sat down, I noticed Kam and CJ whooshing along with their side-by-side rides and plunging. They reappeared a few minutes later, sputtering and laughing, ready for more.

“Kam is being a wimp,” CJ said as she exited the rides to rejoin the line. She was proper. I changed into.

You see, even though I enjoy rides, I’ve always been afraid of taking my daughter on them.

However, the child’s pressure was too much on this special day. As a result, I decided it was time and place to overcome my antique fear. I struggled to climb the stairs because my chest tightened, and my breathing became shallow. My daughter and I were terrified of losing our lives with each step we took to the top of the ride.

“To face our fears, we must confront them head-on.”

My gaze was drawn to the adorable and fearless young lady in front of me. To motivate me, I repeated the phrase “if she can do it, so can I.” We got to the top of the ride and saw her spring from the last step to a mendacious down, torpedo-style maneuver in one fell swoop. As quickly as the little female vanished from view, it was my daughter and my turn.

The moment had arrived – it was now or never. I sat in the seat next to my daughter’s first torpedo fashion, mimicking the little woman before me, and as I did so, I heard the phrases: Don’t fight it, just let it go.

I reminded myself to change into OK, to keep breathing, and to relax as I rode down the ride. As I let my frame move, it seemed to recognize what I expected of it. It adapted to the ride’s twists and turns and was thought to tighten in response to my terrified mind. Soon, I should see the end of the adventure approach, and as I flew off the end of the ride to the complete stop, I knew I had conquered my fear!

WOW! It was completed by me. My kid and I went down a ride. It was a great time! Later, my family told me that they should have heard me screaming and laughing as I was coming down the ride. As my frame sped down the ride, all I could remember was being grabbed by terror, exhilaration, and natural joy.

“When we face our fears, life becomes more enjoyable than it has ever been.”

I was ready for more now. It wasn’t enough the first time. The second time in line was considerably easier, and I felt much more confident in my job at the top of the ride. The second time down, the ride was much more amusing because I was familiar with the twists and bumps. I handled the task with a lot more grace than before. I felt pleased with myself for getting up and accomplishing something I thought I’d never be able to do.

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That of your fear

What’s the name of your “ride”? I’m sure you have one, if not more. We’re all guilty of it. What fear, if defeated, may allow you to have a little more enjoyable, accomplish a little more success, or live life a little more fully?

Some fears appear to be more difficult to overcome than others. My ride fear with my daughter may not appear to be the most serious concern, but having it caused me to withdraw from the comfort of my family and prevented me from experiencing MORE laughter, joy, and pleasure in my life.

Conquering your fears one at a time will boost your confidence and improve your quality of life. Don’t let your fears keep you from living the life you want to live.

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10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears

10 Tips For Conquering Your Fears

Fear can be terrifying at times. However, once you’ve conquered it, everything else will fall into place. And your self-love and personal growth will blossom. So, here are ten tips for conquering your fears.

1. Recognize the presence of a worry

2. Declare that you will triumph over your anxiety.

3. Expect to feel irritated, awkward, and scared.

4. Consider copying a style you like until you find your own.

5. Focus your interest

6. Use affirmations to motivate yourself. Some of my favorite affirmations are the RYVE Affirmation Cards. You can read the review here

7. Enter the abandonment concern.

8. Have fun and feature amusing! Remind yourself to breathe normally.

9. When it’s finished, pat yourself on the back.

10. Notice how much easier it becomes.

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In the end

In the end, when you have the opportunity, take a private inventory of the fears that are preventing you from living the life you deserve. Then commit and assign yourself to confront and overcome one of them that has been holding you back. Use the suggestions above to direct your steps. To begin, consider whether any of the following common fears apply to you:

Accepting responsibility for mistakes or wrongdoing. Journey Inadequate/no longer precise enough when attempting something new. Making a public appearance. Failure It is necessary to heal emotional wounds. Fears about one’s health. Money/budget. There is never enough. Making a public statement. Refusing to promote oneself. Putting your feelings into words. Taking a chance, such as starting a business, changing jobs, or traveling.

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Please ask any fears-related questions you have. I’d love to hear from you. Please let me know in the comment section below.

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