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Why Kiersti?- The Founder

Helping woman feel beautiful and confident in there own skin

Hello, divine goddesses.

You may be asking why you should work with me.

I’ve had experience in this area of self-love and personal development, but I’ve also been in your shoes. Feeling unworthy, not having a value in this world, and many other things are among them. Having said that, why Kiersti?

Kiersti standing against a wall. Why Kiersti?

Why work with me?

Here are some ways that I vary from other coaches. In addition to being a coach, I’m also a goddess who guides people toward self-love and personal growth. You can learn to LOVE who you are and what you have to offer with my assistance. I’ll come up with a plan to assist you to uncover your identity while pursuing your genuine calling. I’ll focus on your message and aid you in crafting your narrative. Together, we will develop your sense of inner value and love for life. And as you dance to the beat of your own magic, goddess, you’ll come alive—time to stand out, shine and soar. The entire world is expecting you.

What you should know

What I want you to understand about the caliber of my work and how I differ from any other coach out there is as follows:

Not all coaches:

    • Will possess 15 years of practical, proven experience with self-love and personal development.
    • Will impact you with the ideal blend of tried-and-true techniques for self-love and personal development, so you can lead a life worth living.
    • Knows how to hold space like a warrior Queen, enabling you to experience heavenly love support, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced
    • Has years of current education and research in mind-body medicine to assist you in accelerating your capacity to acquire and ingest the most cutting-edge knowledge.
    • Provides a strong foundation to support your heavenly healing easily and lovingly.
    • Was an isolated child without friends or love, grew up never feeling safe or loved, and conquered her difficulties with abandonment to accompany others in profound healing.
    •  Had to confront her past, become a powerful manifesto, and learn how to harness the power of her subconscious mind.
    • Knows how to hold a sacred place for profound and long-lasting change.
    • Because she came from nothing and endured the agony of rejection and abandonment before finding the strength within to stand in her own power, she is forgiving and nonjudgmental.
    • Grew raised with numerous health problems and developed coping mechanisms.
    • Understands what it takes to progress in the direction of your aspirations with ease and elegance despite struggling to make ends meet while raising a daughter as a single mother.
    • Went through every conceivable hardship but used it to shape who she is now.

You see, that is the reason you should work with me; I am very knowledgeable and aware of what you are going through. But what superpowers make me the person you ought to contact?

Kiersti standing on the bridge. Why Kiersti?

Possessed superpowers

    • Concern for and compassion for others. The ability to want to help those who need it.
    • Love for the people around her.
    • Understanding of others and their potential backgrounds.
    • A willingness to accept others for who they are. Having people always be true to themselves.
    • Being truthful and telling people what they need to hear, even if it hurts. This makes it easier for them to make the necessary changes. So that they can become wonderful people.
    • Hardworking. Being able to carry on despite obstacles. Never giving up in a way.
    • Knowledgeable. The ability to assist and direct individuals as needed by having the necessary knowledge.
    • Kindness. Showing compassion to individuals who could be in need. All it takes is a grin or a hello.

You now have it. I am who I am now because of a few superpowers I possess.

In conclusion

In conclusion, if you’re someone who is having trouble loving themselves and growing personally, I’d love to hear from you and be of assistance. I completely understand your perspective because I’ve been in your position. I’ve spent my entire life coping with mental health issues as well as physical health issues. It gave me the impression that I was unworthy of anything.

Now, do you have any queries or worries? In such a case, do inform me in the comment area below. Or, if it makes you feel better, email me at kiersti@womansdailyneeds.com. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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