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Free Yourself From Helplessness And Depression

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Free Yourself From Helplessness And Depression

Break Free From Depression And Helplessness

One of the central notions I briefly added relates to helplessness. Let’s take a look at how you can lessen the effect this false belief has since helplessness is a significant component of these illnesses. All through to free yourself from depression and helplessness. 

Break Free From Depression And Helplessness

Free yourself from Depression and Helplessness with this Key

It’s a terrible feeling to think that you have no control over your life, and I write this from a place of private joy. Years of traumatic experiences left me with the impression that life was nothing but pain and suffering. I truly believed there was nothing I could do to prevent the way my life would unfold from spoiling me.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

The key component in this situation is the underlying belief. The common belief is that your lifestyle is something that happens to you and that you have NO CONTROL over anything. You are essentially a helpless, passive recipient of whatever life decides to throw at you.

It’s a terrible kingdom to live in. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly false that this impression exists.

Break Free From Depression And Helplessness

An example of an illustration

Let me use an illustration. Let’s say that you and your accomplice broke up. Now, this could be a very traumatic experience; many people, including myself, have been through it. You respond in a truly appalling and upsetting manner:

“I’m in shock. He/she transformed into my entire world, and as a result, my entire world has crumbled. Everything I try to do in life fails, and this is just one more catastrophe. I’ll never be joyful again.

Wow. Isn’t that a strong response? Like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced situations where you both responded in this way or have seen someone else do so. The act of giving meaning to a situation you are faced with is completely counterproductive.

Break Free From Depression And Helplessness

Believing one is helpless

The belief in helplessness is evident in the final two sentences. The phrases to remember are “Everything always goes wrong, and you’ll never be happy again.” When you respond in this way, you are telling yourself that you are powerless because nothing has ever gone well for you and that you will never be happy no matter what. Because you claim that you are vulnerable to influencing anything, you genuinely believe that you are defenseless.

How do you think the knowledge you studied will make you feel in this situation? Exactly. You’ll feel utterly miserable, burdened, irritated, and powerless to change your way of life. Why might you have another experience? What’s the point of acting to bring about change when everything ALWAYS goes wrong, and you’ll never again be happy?

See how helplessness functions? However, it isn’t really in any way. There are many things in the world that are completely out of your control, of course. Mother Nature and other people are just two examples. There are some things in life that you can control, like where you live and where you work. It’s critical to keep those details about manipulation fresh in your mind.

The following is the most crucial fact about helplessness: You have complete control over one aspect of your life: how you respond to each situation and give it meaning. In the case mentioned above, a better response might be:

“OK, so my relationship hasn’t been difficult, but other aspects of my life are going well, so I’ll concentrate on those for a while as I process what’s happened. Because this relationship didn’t work out, doesn’t necessarily mean that future relationships will too. Once I’ve moved on from this, I’ll get available and find someone better.

Break Free From Depression And Helplessness

In the end

In the end, see the distinction. By choosing a more truth-based, less sentimental meaning, you are maintaining control. You’re admitting that you’re in pain, but that it’s only momentary, and when you’re ready, you’ll try again. You realize that there are other aspects of your life that you can attend to, and this response will prevent you from developing a sense of helplessness.

Go out there now and confront your feelings of hopelessness and depression. Later on, you’ll appreciate it. Please share your opinions in the space provided below. I would adore hearing them.

I’ll see you soon.

Copyright 2006 Christopher Green

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