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Are You Looking For The Butterfly Of Mystical Happiness? – It’s Beautiful

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Are You Looking For The Butterfly Of Mystical Happiness? – It’s Beautiful

The girl frees the butterfly from moment Concept of freedom. Are You Looking for the Butterfly of Mystical Happiness

Are you looking for the butterfly of mystical happiness? Then this is the best place to find it here. 

Butterfly wall art vector set. Boho foliage line art drawing with butterfly. Abstract Plant Art design for print, cover, wallpaper. Minimal and natural wall art. Moden line illustration. Are You Looking for the Butterfly of Mystical Happiness

Are You Looking for the Butterfly of Mystical Happiness

Happiness is viewed by many as an elusive butterfly in the garden of life. On a sunny summer day, picture a little youngster playing in the yard. A lovely butterfly is seen by the toddler flying between flowers. The young child wants to touch it, see it up close, and hold it in their hands while they gaze upon it in amazement. The youngster reaches out with his palms toward the flower where the butterfly is perched, but as soon as he is within reach, the butterfly has moved on to another bloom. Unfazed, the child pursues the butterfly to the following bloom and then the one after that, but it always evades his grasp.

As adults, happiness might appear to be much like that butterfly—usually out of our reach. The phrase “if best” starts to take on almost an obsessional quality, and it starts to dominate our lexicon and cognitive processes. If only I had additional money, if only I were in a great relationship, if only I had a truly remarkable hobby, I could be happy. The list keeps going as well. Even if we accomplish one of our “if only” goals, the pleasure we seek will always be outside our grasp. The proverbial fact that “the grass is typically greener on the other side of the fence” becomes clear to us and becomes our conviction.

If we become aware of this, we will see that our enjoyment of life and existence is being accompanied by a growing amount of despair and unhappiness.

“Live it, be joyful, and embrace it. Life is like a rollercoaster.”

– Avril Lavigne

The dissatisfaction we feel inside cannot be fully fulfilled by things that happen outside of us. We must first achieve personal tranquility before we can find happiness outside ourselves. Although external things and events might make us happy in the here and now, they do not have a permanent effect on our inner selves. Every person experiences both good and unpleasant things in life. Life would be an emotional roller coaster if we relied just on lifestyle evaluations for our source of happiness.

The girl frees the butterfly from moment Concept of freedom. Are You Looking for the Butterfly of Mystical Happiness

How happiness is generated

Happiness originates inward. The interior happiness that endures life’s emotional roller coaster has its origins in the core of who we are. Finding and appreciating who we are as individuals and leading a life of reason are the sources of pleasure. Each aspect of our existence—physical, mental, emotional, and religious—needs to be at peace with itself. Finding purpose, recognition, and tranquility in each of these areas will give one a sense of life’s fulfillment. If we neglect any of those areas, we get a sense of emptiness and a sensation that something is missing.

Since there isn’t a solid foundation for creating happiness from the inside, we then tend to go outside ourselves for answers to fill this void. This is the reason we sometimes become frustrated and suffer the “elusive butterfly” feeling.

In the end

Do you find pleasure to be an elusive butterfly? Spend some time alone thinking. Are you undervaluing one of the four essential facets of who you are and feeling a void inside? More of a butterfly of happiness will land on your shoulder as you learn, live, and accept your strength and purpose.

Give me your opinion now. Please leave a remark below. I would love to hear from you.

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