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How To Combat Low Self Esteem, It’s Possible

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How To Combat Low Self Esteem, It’s Possible

How To Combat Low Self Esteem, Sound impossible?

I know it may sound a little crazy, but it is entirely possible to overcome low self-esteem, and I will show you how to combat low self-esteem. Contrary to the common belief that “those with low self-esteem are unsure about themselves,” they are actually highly certain of who they are. People who have a strong sense of self-worth often utilize their experiences to refute their beliefs.

I’d like to dispel some myths regarding “self-esteem” and demonstrate how you may feel confident in yourself while still being who you are. You simply need some direction; it is easier than you might imagine.

But first things first…

How To Combat Low Self Esteem, Sound impossible?

Self-Esteem is Simply a Sense of Self-Worth

Success and competence are powerful predictors of whether you have low or high self-esteem. Either you can visualize life and the steps required to get there, or you can’t. If you don’t, low self-esteem is more probable. On the other hand, your self-esteem will increase if you have confidence in your abilities.

Think about the example below.

Assume you routinely practice a skill you already possess. That quick evaluation will show whether someone has a high sense of self-worth. However, never attempt something you are unfamiliar with. Your self-esteem will decrease if you participate in sports or activities like dance. Only if you have no idea how.

Things That Are Ruining Your Self-Esteem

There are several things you may do right away if you want to immediately GAIN poor self-esteem. I’m going to outline a few methods that, in my opinion, ought to be outlawed in the self-esteem industry.


The Fear of the Unknown:

In our society, we have a tendency to be fearful of the unknown. Because we are terrified of failure, we refrain from trying new things. However, this might be detrimental. We cling to our routines and habits rather than trying anything new. As a result, nothing changes and instead of becoming better, life gets worse. As a result, nothing changes and instead of becoming better, life gets worse. We attempt to prevent it because people dislike when things aren’t as they usually are. However, what matters most is that we discover how to advance and change in every sphere of our existence. Then, things will begin to transform, and our lives will get better in ways we never thought were conceivable.


Do you realize how similar you are to most individuals in your life? This is so that they can influence what you do or say. Eliminating harmful influences from your life is essential. Examples of this include people, the environment, the news, and social media. Everything begins to alter as soon as we start removing pollutants from our life.

Unhealthy habits:

We all have terrible habits that we disapprove of or find objectionable. As an illustration, consider drinking, smoking, eating poorly, pornography, and not exercising. Any habit has the power to manipulate us. Without being aware of us. We are more self-conscious when we have these tendencies. We attempt to undermine it because we are judgmental. But when we fall short, we often start to believe lies. As if you couldn’t possibly shatter them.

The Paradigm:

You might be curious about the concept. The paradigm is a person’s mode of thought and behavior. It has total authority over how we live. We experience terror when we are ruled by the paradigm. This may impede our ability to advance in life. We have allowed our paradigm to dominate us when we are terrified of the unknown.

One’s Thoughts:

Some estimates state that humans have close to 60,000 thoughts each day. It’s a lot, that. The greatest influence on us, nevertheless, comes from our negative ideas. Have you ever had a notion that made the rest of your day miserable? Putting yourself down, forgetting to accomplish something, or anticipating the worst are examples of this. All of these ideas have the potential to lower one’s self-esteem. You will eventually crumble if you keep being negative about yourself. Before acting negatively, consider whether you would say something to a friend or a child.

Social Media:

We all like to check out what other people are doing online. We are, however, comparing our lives to those of others when we do this. Based on a made-up occurrence. Not just social media, but cell phones in general. Have you ever noticed how addicted to their phones everyone seems to be? We don’t have real talks because we are so focused on other people’s lives and success. Instead, then spending time online, why not just live your life?

I am aware that everyone enjoys different things to do. I occasionally check social media, but I never evaluate my life against others. If you spend all of your time online or worrying about what people think of you, you will be unhappy. A challenge to maintain good self-esteem.

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Do More of The Things you Enjoy.

Okay, now that I’ve dropped the bomb on your use of social media (sorry about that), I’d like to share two tips for boosting your self-esteem so that you can enjoy life and have freedom. I can make a few suggestions.

Recommendation #1: Take Yourself out Doing Something you Love

Undoubtedly, doing something you enjoy will increase your self-esteem. Whether it’s seeing a movie, exercising, appreciating nature, or something else. You’ll feel much better about everything in your life as a result of this. This is because our energy level increases, and we get more energized when we are observed doing something we enjoy.

Recommendation #2: Put Yourself First

We all make the mistake of prioritizing the needs of others before our own. We are happier and more capable of taking care of others when we put ourselves first. This makes it possible to have the highest level of self-esteem ever. When we prioritize ourselves, a number of things happen. Our relationships improve, we grow happier and more self-assured, and our communication abilities get better. Although some people might think you’re selfish, you’re not. However, if we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?

You won’t be misinterpreted in any manner when it comes to self-esteem if you listen to your desires. You will enjoy life because you will be doing what you love if you heed my first piece of advice.

Think More Positive Thoughts

Although we are not being used as test subjects, it is said that the more you change about yourself, the more confident you become. If you act and believe differently from who you are, you will experience the results. We need to stop caring what other people think of us and start being more positive.

We weren’t made to worry about what people think and to appease them for their pleasure, I don’t mean to insult anyone. Naturally confident people exhibit a lack of concern. This is evident while observing them. Although they are often alone themselves, they are genuine to themselves.

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8 Responses

  1. Darius says:

    That was a great post. I agree with everything you said. It’s funny how much men and women struggle with the same problems. Mental health in general is a topic that should be discussed more. I believe if there are more outlets for people struggling with these types of issues,  the better society will be overall.

    • Kiersti says:

      Thank you! I have always been interested in helping people. when one can have a understanding of mental awareness then they can help themselves and other people. 

  2. LaMonte M. Forthun says:

    Great article, hopefully a lot of people will read it and take some advice from it. Particularly cutting back on cell phones and obsessing over social media. It’s interesting how often you hear people commenting about seeing someone on social media discussing doing something they wish they could do. What I find more sad is seeing a family out to dinner with everyone looking at their phones. We are losing (or have possibly lost) the art of communication…

    • Kiersti says:

      I think everyone should read this I agree on you on that. Technology is a great thing but its also very toxic and ruins relationships. What one sees on social media is never really the whole truth. If one wants to do something they should just do it, However, fear and worries usually get in the way. I get it with communication. I will try and talk to some of my family and I find that sometimes I feel there phone is more  important then me sometimes. I think people have lost the art of communication. 

  3. Ingrid Robins says:

    I found your article very interesting. 

    I suffer from depression and my self-esteem gets low sometimes. 

    I am on medication for depression and it does help. 

    In your article, you talked about many things I will try to improve my self-esteem. 

    I may not need my medication anymore.

    When I was reading all the things that can ruin your self-esteem I can relate to this. It happens to me.

    I was thrilled about all the things you mentioned on how to improve your self-esteem. On really stood out I have to put myself first.

    I was always worried about others and forgot about myself now as I put myself first my mental health has improved.

    Thank You for a Great Article that I can relate to.



    • Kiersti says:

      I totally understand. I for years suffered from low self esteem and depression. Medication can work but it’s not a healthy process to do. It’s important to put self first even though people may think it’s selfish it isn’t. If they think it is then there just upset in there own life. You’re welcome I loved writing it. Thanks for reading. 

  4. Yang Qu says:

    Lack of self-esteem can be traced back to one’s childhood. And today, social media provides a mask to hide reality. We are boosted, inspired, or deceived by virtual images without giving a second thought to ourselves that whether we should work for the cause or something else?

    • Kiersti says:

      I totally agree. I remember gaining low self-esteem because of things that were said to me when I was younger. Which causes issues with my self-confidence. However, I learned to deal with it. As it goes for social media, that is something we as a woman or anyone needs to learn to ignore. This is because it is not reality. I say ignore it because it isn’t real and many people are using filters. Filters spread lies because it ain’t real.

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