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That Of Personal Power- The Powerful Influence

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That Of Personal Power- The Powerful Influence

Personal Power

Everyone wishes they had that of personal power, whether it be the strength to realize their dreams or the power to remain kind and peaceful in the face of fear. Or, the power to remain centered within themselves under pressure.

Personal Power

What is the source of personal power?

In our culture, the terms “power over” and “power over yourself,” which refer to the ability to control others, are commonly used interchangeably. Private strength and control are very different from each other.

Personal power derives from a sense of security inside. It all comes from knowing who you are at your core and from having articulated your own inherent value. When you feel connected to and at one. With a spiritual source of guidance, power rushes through you. The energy that arises as a result of doing intensely personal, religious, and emotional paintings to allay worries and false ideas picked up throughout youth is the energy.

We are trapped in our egos, our wounded selves, without these internal paintings to mend the ideas that cause our obstacles. A person’s ego is based on manipulating others, dominating others, and achieving results.  

  In order to find love, avoid pain, and feel safe, we create our egos. In an effort to protect ourselves from the losses we fear, such as losing our identity, being seen differently, feeling vulnerable, or our face, we developed our ego selves. Due to the lack of affection we received as children, we concluded that our true selves were unlovable. A desire to feel comfortable led us to construct the ego, our wounded self, and bury our true selves.  

“Big egos just represent having something that is otherwise lacking.”

In an effort to exert control over other people and events, the ego self then goes about learning how to feel secure. The ego believes that by exerting control over both the results of events and how other people see and feel about us, we may gain the protection we need.

Even if you manage to influence others through anger, grievance, judgment, or money, this won’t give you any personal power. You won’t feel any inner safety, pleasure, or tranquility from this in any way. Control may also make you feel temporarily protected, but it can never give you the profound sense of security that comes from understanding your inherent value or the worth of your soul.

Personal Power

The Story of Amelia

You may suffer from stress as long as your safety and worth are determined by fleeting externals, such as your money, your appearance, your performance, or your power over others. When we associate our happiness and worth with transient issues rather than with everlasting qualities like worry, compassion, and kindness, we experience stress.

For instance, Amelia, for instance, is a person with exceptional strength over others but no personal power. Who has gained millions of dollars as the head of a sizable investment firm? She is a charming wife with four adult children and a gorgeous house. However, she is never idle. She frequently worries about losing her money. When things don’t go her way or people don’t behave the way she needs them to, she doesn’t have any trouble getting angry. She has a closed heart, which makes her a lonely woman.

Amelia obviously acts from her ego and thinks that manipulating people with her rage and money would give her the security and happiness she craves. But despite having accomplished all she thought would bring her happiness and protection, the majority of the time she feels traumatized and alone. Amelia is hollow inside. She has no firsthand knowledge of her true self, the beauty she possesses, her livability, or her inherent value. Her existence is entirely dependent on externals as opposed to spiritual principles like love, compassion, honesty, and kindness.

“She is missing from herself a lack of love, kindness, and self-compassion.”

Embracing non-secular ideals rather than only earthly values gives one’s personality energy. Making love, kindness, and compassion for oneself and others more important than having control over them is how it manifests. It results from performing the inner work required to give the sole control over the body rather than allowing the body’s fight-or-flight instincts, which are animal instincts, to rule over our choices. When the soul rules the body, you have the power to carry out your desires, live resolutely in the face of harm, and maintain your love in the face of danger. You have excellent personal strength when your soul rules over your body.

Personal Power

In conclusion,

In conclusion, the ability to control others is a typical definition of personal power. Anything can actually occur once that is understood. But only then will real transformation be possible. That, however, isn’t always possible. Own your personal authority in every way imaginable in the end.

How do you own your personal power, please? Please share your answers in the section below.

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