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A Piece On Perfection- It’s Not Self-Love

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A Piece On Perfection- It’s Not Self-Love

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A Piece On Perfection is an article about the human tendency to be afraid of imperfection. This article discusses making errors, coming to terms with them, letting go of fear, and discovering how to pursue our aspirations.

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Perfectionism: What is it?

Perfectionism:  What is it? It is said that perfectionism is a methodical force that cultivates greatness. This trait is present in perfectionists.

A commonly recognized cultural ideal is perfectionism. I used the word “believe” in my phrase, as you will see.

In today’s society, striving for perfection is praiseworthy, but flaws are despised or despised. Everybody wants other people to be flawless. Employers expect perfect performance from their workforce. The best is what parents expect from their kids. Perfectionists seek excellence in both their personal and professional lives.

The perfectionist’s high standard

Given how strongly it looks to be of excellent quality, is perfectionism an absolute or frequent flaw?

I don’t think so.

It was created by humans and is pertinent to me. The concept of perfection exists. It seems like the perfect circumstance. However, things are now as they are. The illustration shows the reality of each situation. As a result, the concepts of perfection and imperfection are just related.

Now, this is not to argue that being a perfectionist is always the best option. Our need for perfection, I contend, may hinder our ability to communicate pleasure. The core goal is achievable with or without being a perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist, on the other hand, makes it difficult or impossible to simply accept and love oneself without conditions, even when a desired goal is not met. And when our expectations are not satisfied, we become unhappy or find it difficult to rejoice fully. In reality, we are really fortunate to be able to stay in the Present Moment at all times. When we are perfectionists, our minds are always creating plans, fretting about the future, and grieving previous failures. Because of these characteristics, many perfectionists are unhappy because they believe they will never do things properly enough to feel satisfied.

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Finally, we can

This implies an existential contradiction. That is to say:

“How can a perfectionist be entirely happy, love themselves, and have fun?”

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Do you have any queries or worries? Please tell me in the comments section below. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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