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20 Ways To Make Someone Smile-It Spreads Easily

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20 Ways To Make Someone Smile-It Spreads Easily

Portrait of gorgeous asian woman with long dark hair laughing at camera with beautiful smile isolated over white background in studio. 20 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Do you want to put a smile on someone’s face right now? Make their day a little better, perhaps. You might not have to spend much time or money doing that. It might not just be one person you are making smile these days because smiling is contagious. Here are 20 ways to make someone smile a compilation of the best and most effective ways to make someone smile, enjoy and laugh.

Portrait of gorgeous asian woman with long dark hair laughing at camera with beautiful smile isolated over white background in studio. 20 Ways to Make Someone Smile

20 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Here are 20 methods to make that scowl disappear.

1. Send some plants to your colleague who works in art.
2. Give a friend or workmate a compliment on their appearance.
3. Provide a charitable gift.
4. Have lunch with a friend.
5. Make someone aware that you left them out.
6. Surprisingly call your coworker at work to introduce yourself.
7. Be sure to hold a door open for a person walking behind you.
8. Give your partner an undeserved hug.
9. Post a shaggy dog joke on a friend’s device.
10. Tell a buddy in a card what a great friend they are by letting them know.
11. When there are no more seats available at the lecture, offer yours to someone else.
12. When it rains, pass your umbrella around.
13. While you are out shopping, inquire about a friend’s wants.
14. With your kids, organize an indoor picnic while it’s pouring.
15. Place a love letter that your partner will find where they can find it.
16. Send someone a unique and surprising gift, such as chocolate, plants, or sex toys.
17. Let your kid know that you are pleased with them.
18. Express to someone your thoughts about them the following day.
19. Make your partner a delicious supper one night, especially if they are the one who usually prepares meals.
20. Convey your affection to your partner.

Did you know that although frowning requires 43 muscles, smiling only requires 17? Why expend all that effort frowning when you could be smiling instead?

3d orange character presenting a high statictics graph- 3d rendering. 20 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Statistical data on smiling

Here are five more statistics about smiling.

1. Women smile more often than men.
2. Smiling releases endorphins, which make us feel better.
3. we are all born with the ability to smile; we do not learn it from others.
4. A smile is a common way to express happiness.
5. A person who smiles is thought to be more pleasant, appealing, sociable, honest, and prepared than a person who does not smile.

Don’t forget

Just remember that smiling is the simplest and least expensive way to improve your appearance.

Now go forth and smile more. It will improve your appearance and attract the right people into your life.

Do you have any questions or comments? Then please let me know in the comments section below. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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