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12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

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12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

What you’re about to learn are very 12 ways to unleash your inner courage to where you are to where you need to go. When you consistently apply the ideas below, you will notice a dramatic and positive change in your life.

12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

The one from Unharness

Before we go any further, I’d like to explain why I use the term “unharness.”

I am convinced that courage already exists within all of us and only needs to be “unleashed.” There’s a part of us that knows this whether we admit it or not. We would prefer to accept this truth simply.

For many years, we have been taught by society, and regrettably, even by our well-meaning spouse and children or friends, why we should no longer do something or why we should no longer pursue a specific goal. They try to discourage us in various ways. It is possible that they do not disagree with us or our ideas, but that they believe that if they pursued the concept/goal themselves, they would lack the courage to do so—they would be too afraid.

In other words, they unconsciously pass on their fears to us (and unintentionally). Unfortunately, as a result, we are making fewer attempts. And the less we try to do something out of fear (fears instilled in us by others), the less our minds believe that courage is already within us. And the less our minds believe this.

Although external factors or influences can help in drawing out that courage or can help us to be more in touch with that bravery—and that’s what I would like to share with you in the ideas below—courage is not something that comes from outside people because absolute bravery (or fearlessness) is the very nature of our “spirit” (at least here inside the physical international—I say “bodily” because in the physical into additionally, I emphasize “bodily” because some people can also assert that Satan is a ghost. What makes Satan dread God, then? “).at bravery already exists within us, the more it will become authentic (a fact) for us.

I reasoned that it’s likely the reason young children, especially, are so brave (and less self-conscious). They have a stronger connection to their “spirit” selves.

I believe that as people mature and approach maturity, they lose contact with the “spirit” aspect of themselves due to the numerous real or imagined concerns they have inflicted upon themselves, or because of anxieties that others have inflicted upon them (or society). Similar to how mold gradually hides a piece of fresh bread left out in the open, these worries started to gradually cover over their fearless nature—their fundamental core or center.

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12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

Keeping the preceding in mind, here are 12 approaches to unleash the bravery within:

1. Reinforce your belief that you are a “fearless” spirit in a physical body. It is your true nature. It’s your true self. Accept this reality, and your life will change in wonderful ways.

Detach yourself from the worry of the body and thoughts, instead clinging to the fearlessness of the spirit.

~ Chin-Ning Chu ~

2. Simply put, put in the effort. DO IT. Try not to overthink things (which generally results in procrastination). Stick to your decision once you’ve made it (keep away from delaying unnecessarily).

This reinforces the sensation of bravery for your nervous machine over time. You’ll be coming into more contact with the courageous part of yourself. As a result, moving (without hesitation) will feel more herbal to you.

In other words, do your best now to avoid allowing worry (or excuses) to creep in. Why? Because, as Seneca’s quote explains, when that happens, the following usually happens:

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary.

Also, as Publilius Syrus’ quote explains, courage grows through daring, and fear grows through protecting again.

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3. Allow yourself to be brave (avoid permitting yourself to be cowardly). Also, don’t give anyone (or anything) permission to make you feel afraid. The key word here is “permission.”

Understanding and applying this principle in your daily life will give you power in ways you never imagined. It puts you in a strong position by giving you control (in other phrases, you may not be just an empty punching bag to others). You can “consciously” decide whether someone will negatively influence you. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable dealing with others, no matter who they are.

Some people are bullied because “they allow it.” They authorize the bully to bully them. The bully, on the other hand, loses strength if they do not give the bully permission to mistreat them.

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(Gerry Spence’s book, How To Argue And Win Every Time, delves deeply into the concept of “permission.”)

4. Remind others that electricity can only be obtained from you. You are the one who provides them with electricity. You are giving them a gift. Their power is simply “your perception” of it (that is, their power originates in your mind). Your goal is to provide them with as much electricity as possible at all times.

You can use this powerful principle to help you deal with others to get over your fears and concerns. Regular adherence to this maxim will improve your ability to control anyone, including powerful and in charge individuals. Additionally, with this knowledge, you will be able to provide those who misuse electricity with “less” or “no” electricity (ex. Bullies or difficult people).

Making an “aware” decision empowers you while also strengthening your courage. People cannot abuse your strength because their power is derived from you. You can easily take back the energy you’ve already given them at any time… “just by being aware.”

There is an extraordinary phase/bankruptcy on this principle, as Gerry Spence discusses in How To Argue And Win Every Time.

Instead of being disempowered by the world’s positivity, embrace it. Rather than giving yourself what will empower you, give yourself what will empower you.

~ Les Brown ~

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12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

5. The most energy is given to something by the strength you give it. The effectiveness of an event or study is determined by how it is delivered. (Two people can have the same experiences but react differently based on the circumstances that cause them to have the same experiences.)

The power of preference, like principles three and four above, gives you the ability to choose how to perceive, interpret, or enjoy any event.

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6. Use the “calmness connected to worry” method to stay calm in situations that might normally cause worry and anxiety.

Anything could happen (e.g., a state of affairs, a component, a certain character, a type of person, etc.). Then believe or visualize (in “related” mode—that is, seeing things in your surroundings from within your body… And not seeing yourself as an actor on a movie screen) seeing yourself as calm—as comfortable.

For example, if one of your greatest fears is having confrontations with positive types of people (for example, bullies or tough people), imagine the bully in front of you yelling at you—at the top of their voice, insulting you, putting you down, “commanding” you (like a dictator) to do things, and so on. (Think about the worst-case scenario.) And, while the bully is torturing you, “consciously” relax your body.

Consider any anxiety on your frame, then imagine “relax.” Check your breathing to ensure it is no longer shallow or too rapid. Breathe naturally…with ease. Feel your frame becoming more at ease as you believe the bully is doing everything possible to shake your foundation.

You should even smile… And by “definitely smile,” I mean… Or smile inside… While looking him/her in the eyes (as if you were saying to him/her, “Who are you seeking to an idiot?”). Or even chuckle inside…while looking at him/her. Whatever it takes to achieve an empowering state—a state of “calm” or “security.” The goal of this exercise is to associate the sensation of “calmness” or “security” with the specific worry (in this case, the bully) you’re imagining.

If you do this workout effectively (by the way, you can do it as often as you want—though I’ve found that one or two sessions usually does the trick), you’ll feel calm or comfortable when you’re placed in a situation where you have to face that particular worry (ex. the bully). Or, at the very least, the worry (or tension) you might have felt in the past may have diminished dramatically to the point where it no longer bothers or paralyzes you.

7. Work on increasing your self-awareness—your self-expertise—constantly. Know thyself, as some would say. The more you know about yourself (your strengths, weaknesses, fears, ideals, goals, and so on), the calmer, more confident, and brave you will be.

When two people meet, the one with the most self-awareness always wins. On the opposite, he will be calmer, more assured, and more relaxed.

~ Vernon Howard ~

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8. Make a list of the following and review it on a regular or as-needed basis to serve as empowering reminders:

Your achievements/victories go beyond that.
Risks you have previously taken
Your extraordinary bravery

It enables you to empower yourself within the gift moment by recalling past victories, courageous acts, and so on. “I’ve done it before, so I can do it again,” you’re telling yourself as you face the current venture. Or, “I’ve usually been successful in the past, so I could win again.”

9. Spend time with people who can lift your spirits. Avoid spending time with people who constantly put you down or disparage your beliefs, either because they don’t believe what you believe or because they recognize that if the situation were reversed, they might feel the same way. And they want you to feel the same way about them so that they don’t feel so isolated. In other words, choose your environment (including the people you regularly associate with) wisely.

Remember that courage spreads. Another example is cowardice.

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12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Courage

10. Prepare to deal with the unexpected (or uncertainty). In other words, don’t wait until you have all the answers or fully comprehend everything before acting. Don’t put off taking the steps you know you need to take until everything is perfect.

Gaining this ability will enable you to confront the world with courage and confidence, taking each step as it comes, no matter the situation. You’ll feel comfortable acting even when you’re not fully prepared since you’ll be used to dealing with the unexpected (and having the ability to handle anything that comes your way).

The ability to deal with the unexpected characterizes the difference between success and failure.

~ Ross Perot ~

11. Simply decide that no matter what, worry will no longer get in your way. Do what needs to be done, even if you appear to be concerned for some reason. Act regardless of your reservations. You do not have to wait until the anxiety subsides. As Susan Jeffery’s e-book suggests, “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.”

12. Apply the “I have nothing to prove” or “I don’t have to prove anything” mindset. Avoid the desire to demonstrate your worth to everyone. Just be your herbal self. Make your authentic self known
In reality, make it a point to be “explicit,” rather than “impress.” When you concentrate on “expressing,” you will feel more at ease.

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