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Choosing Between Night And Day- Make Your Reality Your Own

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Choosing Between Night And Day- Make Your Reality Your Own

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Choosing between night and day may depend on your individual preferences and lifestyle. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both options to make an informed decision.

One woman portrait cut into two halves. One for day time and work. The other for bedtime and sleep. Choosing Between Night and Day

Choosing Between Night and Day

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
– William Shakespeare

Night and Day, the title of this beautiful Cole Porter song, also perfectly captures the erratic character of my perspective on life.

Example: It’s late at night, and I’m thinking about everything I need to get done in the coming week—book publishing information, workshop practice, handouts to finish, that audio recording script I need to write down, a call to my sister, plane reservations to Chicago, etc.—not to mention the minute details of phone calls, emails, internet searches, and follow-up associated with each task. I feel defeated, worn out, absorbed in myself, and helpless.

The following morning:

I get up before dawn and take a few deep breaths. I watch the light come up, contemplate, and look forward to the day. Today I’ll check the publication date for my book, have the chance to write a brand-new piece, organize a workshop, and perhaps go for a walk in the fresh air.

The same situations that last night seemed overwhelming, terrifying, and impossible to handle are now crowded this morning. I am privileged, yet I am doomed. I’ll become ill even when I feel great! I will definitely fail, even though today seems promising.

My friend Alex and I refer to these “Night and Day” perspectives as the Good Reality and the Bad Reality. Instead, I would be in a Wonderful Reality, which is wonderful, delicate, and full of possibility. Life is easy, fluid, and humorous as the sun shines and birds sing. There are issues, but I can manage them. My energy is strong and flexible.

But occasionally I go into the Bad Reality, where things are difficult, miserable, and annoying. I feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and helpless. My spirit and might are nowhere to be found.

Is it an urge? I take it to be. Something is occurring obtainable, and my viewing lens changes my enjoyment.  My interrogation makes it so.

Sometimes I can travel there on my own. I merely change my thoughts or laugh at myself, or both. I take a nap or go out for a cup of tea when I’m too exhausted to find the street back. When I am kind to myself, the Good Reality continually returns.

In conclusion

So I experiment with the Reality channel and how my viewing angle changes the external world. Do I need to continue living in the Good or Bad Reality today? How far away are you? Which one are you now in? Can you go across?

I would adore hearing your responses to those queries. It is a gift to be able to suppose that I can change my reality by altering the way I think. I understand this. My existence is partially about giving this present to others.

I hope you are currently experiencing the Good Reality.

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