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How To Be A Strong And Independent Women

Helping woman feel beautiful and confident in there own skin

How To Be A Strong And Independent Women

How To Be A Strong and Independent Women

Living on how to be a strong and independent women implies that you enjoy life and are at ease in your skin. In some ways, you are content, self-aware, confident, emotionally stable, and true to yourself. You have everything in life that you enjoy and that makes you unique. In general, you love and respect yourself so much that you know where you are and where you’re going. You are so self-assured in life that you don’t need anyone’s validation because you truly love yourself. Finally, it comes down to expressing yourself and not caring what others think. This enables you to live a life full of love, success, and adventure.

When you can support yourself and be resilient in life, you are confident in your value. This enables you to feel better about yourself, no matter what other people may think. We respect independent women since that is their authentic reality. They are accurate depictions of what a lady ought to be. It all comes down to doing what you want instead of what other people want of you. I’ll go through how to get out of your comfort zone and develop into a more self-assured lady in this essay.

How To Be A Strong and Independent Women

How to Become a More Self-Reliant Woman

To be autonomous and powerful in life, you need to have important thoughts. Nothing is more humiliating than expecting someone to live your life while you are unable to do it. Nobody can make your life easier or make you happier or more successful. The only one who can change and grow is you. I’ve picked up a few key ideas over my time working in the “independent” sector that I believe would be helpful and favorable to you.

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1. Have Self-Love

We all have needs in life, whether they are mental, social, emotional, or physical. It is critical to go out and meet that need, whether it is yours or someone else’s. You can take care of others when you can put yourself first. Some people might think it’s selfish of you to take care of yourself. However, that is never the case. It is essential to show yourself, love, every day. I advise you to treat yourself once a month at the very least. Going shopping or just unwinding at home with a hot bath are examples of this. You are more likely to help individuals you care about when it is simpler to take care of your own needs.

To help out your self-love journey. I recommended The Self Love Energy workbook on Amazon.

2. Never Compare Yourself to Others-

Everyone in life has someone they look up to or someone who impresses them. Be careful not to contrast yourself with them, though. You will only become upset and feel like a failure as a result of this. Why not say, “Hey, this is about this guy I like,” instead of becoming upset?” It’s acceptable to aspire to their status, but do it for your reasons, not those of other people. For more about comparing self to others, I recommend reading my article “Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.”

3. Have Standards-

Women must have standards that reflect their values, needs, and beliefs. This can cover matters such as what you’ll do while you’re out with someone, the behavior you’ll put up with, how you expect to be treated, and so forth. Standards must be shared because otherwise, no one will be aware of what they are. It’s impossible to read minds.

4. Don’t Let Others Step On You-

If you continue to let people step on you, nothing in your life will go smoothly. Advocating for oneself may be challenging at first, but it is essential. If you can advocate for yourself, you’ll be a lot happier. Don’t apologize in any way. Yes, advocating for oneself might occasionally come across as nasty. However, this never happens.

5. Have Faith-

Everything works well when you can step out of your comfort zone. Start by undertaking an activity you’ve always wanted to try. It’s crucial to resist letting your anxieties rule you. You need to believe that everything will turn out okay. Avoiding letting other people control how you live your life.

6. Speak Up-

Please let them know if they hurt you or if they are a part of your life. Even though sharing your feelings can be challenging at times, it is crucial. You are less likely to repeat conduct when you can express yourself honestly to someone.

7. Demand Respect and Show Respect

There are instances where talking negatively about oneself or others is disrespectful. Notify them if this occurs, and if something you say is perceived as rude, consider their feelings. If it’s not possible, go back and turn around.

8. Know your uniqueness-

Each of us as evaluators possesses skills and characteristics that add to our individuality. It is about identifying them and utilizing them to strengthen us. Ask someone you trust if you’re doubtful about your abilities in life.

9. Love Yourself-

This may be difficult. We need to acknowledge our inner beauty if we want to achieve in life. Your size or appearance doesn’t matter. Everything is based on what you have to offer. Just keep in mind how great and valuable you are to this world. If you want to know more about true beauty, then I suggest my article. ” True beauty is a reflection of your inner self.”

10. Learn to Say No-

In life, you will be asked for stuff. Saying no to things that do not serve you is the key to success. Yes, some people would consider you selfish if you start saying no. Rarely is this the case. Simply leave if they start to become upset with you. Never attempt to defend yourself.

11. Workout and Eat Healthily

We are all aware that self-care is essential to maintaining good health and happiness. You’ll notice that other parts of your life start to open up once you can take care of yourself. If you need help, talk to someone who can help you if you’re experiencing trouble.

12, Do What you Love-

Because of what other people may think, many people are afraid to do things. Instead of caring, go out and enjoy yourself. You have a fulfilling existence when you can go do that. Who knows, that one passion might serve as the impetus for a significant event?

Remember that you are a human being and that nobody is flawless. Knowing your strengths and limitations will help you improve yourself.

Your turn is now. Think about how you can become a more independent person in your own life. To be autonomous and powerful from the inside, it is essential to participate in daily activities.

Please ask any questions you may have about becoming a strong, independent woman in the comments box below. I can help you out gladly because I have a lot of expertise with this.

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Kiersti,
    Thank you for this great and detailed article.
    What you wrote makes sense and is inspirational for women and men.
    Way to go.
    Best wishes,

    Delroy M

  2. Jeeda says:

    I loved this article, and I would love to share my story here for a message that can be useful to many out there. I have a teen daughter struggling with a lack of motivation, and I suspect she has a kind of social phobia that we are working on solving with psychologists. The thing is, I am very definite that with the right effort, she will gain the right amount of confidence and love to live happy and optimistic.

    I think lots of knowing mothers struggle with conveying beautiful messages of self-help to their teen daughters because there is that resistance through which they want to tell the world to leave them alone, and that they will do it when they want and when the time is right. I think what we have to do in this case is to love them, support them, and just let them be. Life will always give them opportunities while nothing is ever late. To gain self-love is the beginning of real success, and when a woman becomes her own best friend, life becomes easier.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the post on a strong and independent woman. Having a goal and ideas on what you want from life, helps in being independent. It should be different from being stubborn in a negative way, but can be regarded as good leadership qualities. Being blown about with every change of wind that comes along will cause instability, and a lack of being a strong, independent woman.
    I love your 12 points of self-reliance.

  4. Ann says:

    Hi! Interesting points! Comparing ourselves to others is not fair. We profit little from doing it. In the cases in which we win, it’s unfair. And in those we lose, it brings us down. So, I completely agree with this point.
    Another crucial point is knowing our uniqueness and embarrassing it!

    • Kiersti says:

      Thank you for your time. It’s heartbreaking to see people comparing themselves to one another. That is why I felt it was necessary to write about Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. In the end, comparing oneself to others does not make one happy in life. We are all beautiful, and we all deserve to be our true, authentic selves.

  5. Jordan Schenk says:

    Hi Kiersti,

    I found your article titled, “How to be a strong and independent woman”

    I found this to be really inciteful, and knowledgeable. For men as well as women.

    I will be sharing this with both of my sisters, so a big thank you for creating this page!

    I also wanted to say that I appreciate your approach of empowering women. In some groups, it seems like their goal is to kick dirt and even slander men, for women to rise above. I find that to be distasteful. Your content is all about helping women achieve their full potential. Awesome stuff!

    • Kiersti says:

      I love helping people out. My site be used by everyone, not just woman. Thanks for reading it. OMG NO, I think everyone is unique and deserves a chance. So going out and talking bad about men is not my goal. I feel that groups that go out and are hateful towards others are just angry with themselves. 

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