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The Feeling Of Emotions And Personal Growth

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The Feeling Of Emotions And Personal Growth

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This is a critical topic that everybody should know about. It is an excellent resource. You will get the feeling of emotions and personal growth.

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The Feeling of Emotions and Personal Growth

In an old joke, a lady is strolling along the road on a Sunday morning when she notices another woman, who is quite drunk, on her hands and knees. She turns to the drunken lady and says, “What are you looking for?” “My house keys,” the woman answers. Where did you dump them, she wonders? “Two streets away,” she sneers. Why don’t you look there then? She inquires, puzzled. Because of how intense this light is.

As I progress through my foundational education, I’ve started to feel a lot of ambiguity about myself. Yes, even I. Some people would also claim that I have taken a far different path than I originally intended.  When I was doubtful of my ability to succeed, I tried self-hypnosis, meditation, self-love, personal growth, and other NLP techniques to overcome my doubts. However, none of them seemed to work for me.

“Everyone is traveling a separate route, and their decisions will determine everything.”

Nevertheless, I experienced butterflies in my stomach and lacked genuine self-assurance. I felt afraid of acting on my desires (what if everything went wrong, and I failed?). It quickly subsided after I told myself, “Kiersti, just enjoy it, defer rejecting it, avoid combating it; just notice it.” The sensation of worry briefly lingered before dissipating. I was quite astonished. All those months and years of trying to avoid it finally paid off, and all I had to do was start feeling it. I said so and gave up resisting.

Doing this will increase your awareness of your unique sector map.

Meet people where they are on their world map is one of the tenets of NLP. This method of understanding situations from their perspective or being conscious of their experience is a miles deeper discourse for yet another time. Now, I got good at doing this with other people, as evidenced by the fact that my successful therapeutic consulting practice over the years has, but before all that started, all those years ago, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t been assembling myself at my map of the world.

The Feeling of Emotions and Personal Growth

Battle with yourself

You can see what they mean when they say: When you battle with yourself, someone always loses, and that someone is you. Every time I experienced sensations I didn’t like, I would struggle, endure, and fight them. I have decided to accept and deal with my feelings rather than avoiding and fighting them.

So, where am I going with this? First, describe the sensation if it is one that you find unpleasant, that seems useless, or that you simply plainly don’t enjoy. This is only a process for locating the location of that emotion on your body; locate that feeling there. Consider its size and movement now. I used to have a fluttering sensation in the pit of my stomach that, if I resisted it more, may travel to my chest and cause me to go backward. Consider the temperature and, going a step further, imagine what hue it would be if it had a different color. Be physiologically aware of the experience. 

Even though the majority claim to understand their emotions, you would be amazed at how many people do not even remotely understand the physical characteristics of the emotions they are feeling; instead, they allow them to exist passively without really being aware of them. The first stage is to map out the physical emotions, albeit they can also be chemicals or any other type of material.

After then, feel the experience.

“Learn to accept the fact that you do indeed feel it. “

Of course, for some individuals, this could feel like a battle, and they will undoubtedly object, saying, “But I don’t need to feel it” or “I shouldn’t be experiencing it.” I know some of you are curious about it.

The reality is that you are feeling it, and the fastest way to change your feelings is to satisfy yourself with your world map and accept the sensation of provision you are experiencing. If you refuse to do that, you are merely fighting it, as I did back then, and that is all that is happening. Any attempt to trade will therefore begin from a position where you aren’t, which almost never turns out successfully (as our tipsy man searching out his keys on the incorrect street can attest to.)

The great cause is then discovered. What message is your body or unconscious mind trying to convey to you? Sometimes, our emotions are attempting to communicate with us. Our bodies occasionally merely sense them as bodily sensations for a reason. What is this sensation doing for you or trying to tell you, if anything at all?

Next, feel it. Just go through it. Don’t fight it or engage in conflict; just enjoy it. Don’t forget to breathe, too.

It doesn’t take long to perceive anything, but it is far better to do it. Even if it hurts, the fact that you can feel it means that you are alive (yay! ), and it also means that you are aware of your feelings. These are all specific things that you need to know and understand for yourself. Simply acknowledging and embracing a sensation may sometimes put it in a far superior perspective.

Playing with the sensation is the final step in this procedure.

“Be always conscious of your emotions and where they originate.”

Increase the intensity of your feelings. It should be reduced. If it was one hue, change it to another; if it was traveling in one direction, change it to another; if it reached a positive size, amplify or reduce it; essentially, play about with it and discover how much control you have over this feeling. I believe you will be astonished at how much power you truly have.

Wellness instead of stress. Hand turns a dice and changes the word

In conclusion

One of the things you’ll discover when you begin to appreciate is how much it’s possible to gain a handle on your emotions. You may discover for yourself that sentiments are inappropriate or incorrect. They don’t really express anything. These are just bodily experiences. If you oppose them, they will remain for a while, but if you are granted them, you may begin to play with and exchange them. Does this imply you’ll never experience an unpleasant sensation again? No.

The likelihood that you will start to experience more and more of the kind of feelings you wish to experience is implied by the fact that sensations will arrive and emotions will cross. I’m aware that no matter what you perform in life, you can be attempting to punctuate it with ever-higher feelings, am I right?

So, enjoy your day, and make sure you’re bringing some positive sentiments into your life.

Have a query or remark? Comment below with your response and let me know. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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