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The Reflection Of One’s Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is- It’s Beautiful

Helping woman feel beautiful and confident in there own skin

The Reflection Of One’s Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is- It’s Beautiful

The Reflection Of One's Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is

One of the most common misunderstandings about beauty is that attractive individuals are better, more successful, or deserving of greater things in this world. Some may argue that being attractive and successful makes life easier. This is not always the case, however. Just because someone is gorgeous does not automatically imply that they will be treated better. I’d want to point out that being attractive might make women feel like they’re competing with other women all the time. Not only to show that being stunning has some negative consequences but also to demonstrate that true beauty comes from inside. It’s also why we, as women, are always striving to outperform other women in terms of attractiveness. When we are all, in fact, stunning. That is because the reflection of one’s inner self is what true beauty is.

Understanding of True Beauty as an Inner-self

I acknowledge the notion that everyone needs to understand the difference between true beauty and false beauty. It’s also why we mustn’t define beauty solely in terms of how attractive someone is on the exterior. Before one can understand true beauty, one must first know the subject.

The Reflection Of One's Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is

As humans, we define beauty as someone appealing. Celebrities or models, for example. True beauty, on the other hand, is defined by attributes that bring pleasure to others. One who, by virtue of who they are and what they have to offer. Without going into too much detail, this has resulted in women competing for attention. Because they believe that to be beautiful, they must outperform others.

Feeling gorgeous can make you feel like you’re competing with other people. When, in truth, they are just competing against themselves. This is related to our proclivity for comparing ourselves and our appearance. This is due to what others may have said to us previously. All of our previous experiences are stored in the subconscious mind. And we unconsciously notice how attractive others are and wish we could improve our appearance to match theirs.

90 percent of our thoughts, actions, and emotional processes are controlled by our subconscious mind. Everything that occurs in our life is basically due to it. So, if we believe, for example, that we are not lovely enough. It is believed to be true by the subconscious mind. When we are, in fact, as attractive as we are perceived to be.

The Reflection Of One's Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is

Being truly attractive entails understanding that one’s beauty stems from within, not from outward appearances. So, certain people believe they are attractive. Genuinely lovely people know what they’re worth and don’t let others tell them otherwise.

As a result, being truly gorgeous can make a person feel as if they can do or be anything they choose. This is because they feel at ease in their skin. Accepting who they are and having faith that they are enough.

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A Supplementary Design of True Beauty as an Inner-self

Understanding the definition of true beauty and how it works. In addition to taking the necessary steps to stop the beauty pageant. It’s a straightforward path to a happy and prosperous existence.

True beauty comes from accepting who we are and what we have to offer.

When a person decides that they are beautiful, everything begins to change. Our existence becomes marvelous the instant we choose to feel beautiful and recognize who we are.

Have you ever changed your appearance just to please others or get someone’s attention? This is usually because women want to feel accepted in any situation that is presented to them. This is because we believe appearances matter in every situation that is presented to us. It typically happens during job interviews or when meeting someone for the first time. You can change your perspective on beauty by viewing it as a blessing rather than a curse. You can do this by being self-aware of what you consider to be beautiful.

For a woman like myself, who has always struggled with beauty as being extremely important. It is possible to understand that beauty is about the inside, not the outside. In my life, I either avoid people who believe that appearance is all that matters, or I know my self-worth. These are some techniques for appreciating one’s beauty and self-esteem.

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It’s About Believing in the Power of True Beauty.

I experimented with a few different designs before settling on the supplementary design. In terms of true beauty and acceptance. I tried accepting myself as I am (which was difficult), not comparing myself, and even acknowledging that everyone has different tastes.

At the start of the process, true beauty. I knew it was all about loving yourself on the inside and that appearances don’t last forever. This is the “individual perspective” that we as women put on ourselves when attempting to have high confidence in our appearance.

The Reflection Of One's Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is

Without the proper knowledge on how to dispel the myth that only attractive people are valuable. We are prone to allowing other people’s perceptions of us to influence how we act. Regrettably, this will affect our self-esteem or how we live our lives. It’s probably time for someone to speak up. True beauty is still very much alive and well. It is a method of true survival in this world.

In the end, it all comes down to accepting who you are on the inside and believing that you are beautiful enough. However, we all have things we wish we could physically change. It simply requires us to keep moving forward while keeping in mind that everyone has different tastes. Everyone has the right to express themselves. Just remember that what someone says to you isn’t true.

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Being aware that True Beauty is in The Eyes of The Beholder

One of the theories is that true beauty is determined by the beholder’s eyes. Yes, everyone has their definition of what it means to be beautiful. This does not imply that someone does not think you are beautiful because they have different tastes. If we believed this, we would be constantly attempting to please everyone. This only creates stressful situations.

Many women believe that if no one is talking to them, they are not attractive. Also, as women, we believe that if we do not conform to the media’s definition of beauty, we are worthless. That media simply misleads its audience. If we listen to the media and their ideal of beauty, we will go insane. It’s critical to understand that everything we see in the media is a hoax. It’s only an opinion.

However, in reality, all the people you see in the media do not look that way. And even if they did, who cares? How many of the people you see in the media do you find appealing? I’m going to guess one-fourth of them. This is because we all have different points of view. For example, the guy I like my brother thinks he has a big nose and is more appealing than he is. However, that is just his opinion.

The Reflection Of One's Inner Self Is What True Beauty Is

So, while feeling down on yourself and constantly needing to change your appearance may appear to make you happy, this is not the case. It won’t happen because we can’t make everyone fall in love with us. When we try to please others because we believe it will make us feel better, we are acting selfishly. We end up in a tidal wave.

It’s best to figure out what makes you feel beautiful and go from there. What is it about you that brings out your natural beauty?

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Efforts to Make You Feel More Lovely

While the definition of beauty varies depending on who you ask. Steps must be taken to feel more truly beautiful. This is to make those who are suffering feel more beautiful than they have ever felt before. Nothing is more sustainable than always feeling beautiful. Having the self-assurance to not care how others perceive you. In comparison, I have a few suggestions that I believe will aid you in your quest for true beauty.

1. Smile:  When we smile, we appear happier and more appealing to others. Even when we smile, we are shown to appear younger. Have you ever had someone tell you that you should smile more? Perhaps you should.

2. Buy a New Outfit: Have you ever gone shopping for something new? You feel more beautiful than ever the moment you buy it and the first time you wear it. That’s because when we buy something new and then put it on, we get a rush of excitement in our system.

3. Try a new look: It could be something as simple as getting a new haircut or coloring your hair. Whatever you choose will make you feel not only more confident but also more beautiful. This occurs because when we change our appearance, it appears as if we are a new person.

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“Trying a new look will make you feel more confident and beautiful than you have ever felt.”

4. Have a Spa Day: When we go to the spa, we are looking for a way to relax. The spa is an ideal place to unwind. It not only aids in the removal of noxious toxins from our bodies, but it also makes us feel more beautiful. This is because we are relearning all of our negative energies. This could be as simple as getting a massage, getting a tan, or having your nails done.

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5. Put on makeup or shave: We want to feel clean as women. So, if it’s been a while, why not put on some makeup or shave? Only if you have a genuine desire to do so.

romantic evening

6. Have a Romantic Evening: Why not get dressed up and go out on a date with your significant other? If you’re single, why not go out for the evening? When we are treated with flowers or compliments, our self-esteem improves. Also, don’t forget to dress in something that makes you feel sexy.

It is critical to remember that we are all beautiful on the inside and out. Regardless of what anyone says or believes. It all comes down to how we perceive ourselves.

It’s now up to you to look within and see how truly beautiful you are. It’s critical to understand that everyone’s definition of true beauty is different. So with that how do you view beauty? 

Please let me know if you have any questions about true beauty in the comment section below. I’ve done a lot of things in the past and would be delighted to assist you.

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12 Responses

  1. Claudia says:

    Hello. I agree we women are all beautiful in our own individual way. And I seen myself how young ,mature skinny and bigger women all find a way to look attractive, & to out stand in the crow. Now I ‘m curious about the SPA  Luxuaru you mention. Is it a whole set for make up,nails and to do your hair?

    If that’s the case it would definitively be a great Christmas Present

  2. Daniel Tshiyole says:

    I really love this article. I had a good time reading it. We all believe that beauty is all ab physical appearance but that’s not true. Someone can be beautiful but have an ugly heart. This article has reminded me that there is so much more to just physical appearance. 

    • Kiersti says:

      Thanks I really enjoyed writing it. I believe if we were happier with who we are then everything will fall into place. We are all unique and beautiful human beings. 

  3. Lee says:

    You’ve raised a lot of good points with regards to beauty and how so many women struggle with this issue. It seems that as females, we learn about beauty from a very young age. And if we don’t have strong role models to help us shape our self-esteem when growing up, this surface beauty concept can become a constant in that we are never enough. However, I like how you’ve raised the bigger point regarding beauty comes from within. Perhaps once we learn to grow comfortable in our own skin, we will not worry whether or not we are seen as beautiful by others. I really enjoyed this read!

    • Kiersti says:

      It does start very early. I believe if we talked to our kids and what real beauty is then the world we live In be very different. Beautiful people are with who they are not what they look like. One day people will start to understand that more. Your welcome and thanks for reading. 

  4. Minjun Kim says:

    It’s a bit of a shame that I spent too much time paying attention to my appearance in my youth. Now that I’m over 50, I think I need to make an effort to make myself more lovable by the truth, not by appearance.
    Thanks for the really good tip for me.
    It feels as if another great space has been created in my heart as I value inner beauty.

    • Kiersti says:

      I still spend a lot of time on my appearance. However I think if one does it should be for yourself not validated by others. You are welcome and remember you are a unique and wonderful person. 

  5. Rasa says:

    Aww, yes, I couldn’t agree more. People are just way too much focused these days on getting validation from other people when, in reality, the only validation that we actually need is the one we can find within. And to that end, I absolutely concur that it has to be stemming from within. Because it doesn’t matter how other people perceive you if you can’t find joy in your very being within. It just won’t work. You will be unhappy regardless of how adored or otherwise praised you will be for your looks.

    I mean, when I think of this, Kardashians to me always come to mind. I mean, I’m not saying they’re bad people. But they, for sure, are one of the worst abusers of this. I mean, it’s not rare that people catch them editing their own images, so that they would appear less fat or more pretty, or whatever. But if true value for themselves was there, they wouldn’t ever do that. I mean, yes, Kardashians are praised by many but, as far as I can tell, they are really struggling with self-image. And that’s just sad. But there’s a lesson to be learned.

    Outside validation (and likes!) might be a temporary dopamine fix but it doesn’t make you actually happier and more content. Keep spreading the message.

    By the way, I loved those tips on how to make one feel more lovely.

    • Kiersti says:

      When people know that Validately will not make you happy. I agree that if your not happy with yourself then you won’t be in general. Yes many celebrities are guilty with this especially influencers. I think they are just so sad they need to feel worth from others. Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

  6. Diana says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article – True Beauty is a Reflection of One’s Inner self. I totally agree with you beauty comes from within, we determine our value and self worth. We are all unique and should all embrace who we are. I have seen very attractive women with disgusting attitude. Despite their beauty people just want to stay as far away from them as possible. I have also seen others who are not so attractive but because of their caring nature, they are like a magnet, one is happy to be in their presence.

    • Kiersti says:

      I agree about being from within. There are a few women like you said that are stunning but there personality makes it harder to like them. I love when I meet woman who are so kind but not very attractive on the outside. It really is about being a loving person that attracts others in. 

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