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Another Lonely Place Of Anger And Hurt

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Another Lonely Place Of Anger And Hurt

Young woman suffering from bipolar disorder, psychological diseases, schizophrenia. Girl surrounded by symptoms of bipolar disorder: euphoria, psychosis, depression, sad, empty, hopeless, tearful. Another Lonely Place of Anger and Hurt

Another lonely place of anger and hurt, a place to hide, thoughts kept to myself, my words undelivered and unread, untouched, and unshared. Being a human may be, to put it mildly, tough. Every breath we breathe and feelings accompany every step we take. Some emotions are so sweet that we would do anything to keep them. Other emotions make us so angry and upset that they immobilize us with pain.

Regrets never die. Another Lonely Place of Anger and Hurt

Another Lonely Place of Anger and Hurt

In our thoughts, anger acts as a remembrance of a wrong done to us. Typically, the memory is triggered by the fact that we were unable to express our sadness at the time for various reasons. We try to hide our rage or hurt because we don’t want to start an argument, upset others, or even express such feelings. We cling to it because expressing our anger demonstrates that we are imperfect, that we are human, and that we are subject to pain.

If we continue to conceal our emotions in an effort to maintain our best selves, we lose touch with who we genuinely are and how we relate to the people in our life.

The greatest approach to handling anger and hurt

Keeping ourselves locked away somewhere they can never get to us is the greatest way to prevent our hurts or rage from influencing others. Happiness won’t be found everywhere if we continue acting in that way for a time. When asked why we are unhappy, we are unable to even pinpoint the start of the hurt we have hidden. The longer we conceal our wounds and rage, the more mysterious they become. Things become complex, and if we dared to attempt an explanation, we surely would be speaking in every other language.

Have you ever been hurt by someone, and they then made it impossible to make up for it to try to justify why you are upset? Those people are controllers and are capable of great harm. The ideal time to respond is when you can recognize that type of person and say, “Please just shut up and pay attention.” Continue adding injury to yourself if you want to be sad. Your vanity will undoubtedly suffer as a result.

I’m now experiencing a profound hurt. It finishes its work in front of you. If you choose to keep it a secret, you face the risk of being imprisoned in your lonely cell by yourself.  As you stay in bed longer, you become upset with yourself for not getting out of bed. Remorse forces you to rise above that persona after you’ve entered and taken over. Because you are now thinking badly, nothing feels fantastic. Were the time and effort expended worthwhile? NO!!!

It is very difficult to risk being dismissed as being overly sensitive, told that you are only starting a fight, or simply laughed off like a child. Even worse, you can discover that they don’t give a damn about you. I believe it is better to learn it as soon as possible.

Young woman suffering from bipolar disorder, psychological diseases, schizophrenia. Girl surrounded by symptoms of bipolar disorder: euphoria, psychosis, depression, sad, empty, hopeless, tearful. Another Lonely Place of Anger and Hurt

Consuming our life

These HURTS and ANGER FEELINGS have a way of taking over our life. Isn’t it better to let everything out now than to lead a depressing existence in silence? Tell someone what you feel and when you feel it; otherwise, you risk locking those FEELINGS inside of you, and trust me, you risk losing yourself.

However, being honest is the best course of action. You can even hurt someone you love. I believe that if you have sincere love for someone, you should be able to tell them anything, even if it makes you feel hurt or angry.

Anger and damage are defeated by love. It combats enmity and enables you to boost your self-esteem!

We want to be heard so that we may truly rejoice and escape the chains of unpleasant emotions. To be understood is what we seek. We’re seeking pardon. The desire to be loved and taken care of is shared by everybody.

An end note

Following that my dear readers, on that note, let me leave you with one last suggestion to support

your perseverance in overcoming that mountain to become a better version of yourself!

Own up to your lifestyle choices.

The power to raise things is in your hands.

Most importantly, you want something!

Do you now have any queries or worries? Comment below with your response and let me know. I’d adore to hear from you.

Dorothy Lafrinere

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