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Happiness: The Ultimate Birthright

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Happiness: The Ultimate Birthright

Green Home. Portrait of smiling trendy middle aged woman with long wavy hair in the modern house in sunny day in green pants and grey blouse sitting in a blue armchair. Happiness: The ultimate birthright

Happiness: The ultimate birthright. Most of us suffer from a lack of happiness. We suffer from a lack of hope, a lack of purpose and a lack of love. This article tells you how to find real happiness.

Girl sitting on a rock in the park. Happiness: The ultimate birthright

Happiness: The ultimate birthright

The secret to happiness is in the simple and complex. More than 2,000 years of philosophy, psychology, hypotheses, and discussion have gone into the study of happiness. Since Aristotle penned his works in 340 B.C., this secret to happiness has hardly ever changed. Through the ages, intellectuals, public speakers, and authors have shared the key to pleasure. All people experience the same things, regardless of where they live or what they do for a career. Invest time in honing your abilities and skills by pursuing what you enjoy and improving it for a cause greater than yourself. Happiness will result from this.

This declaration represents a significant commitment on our part. Being happy requires that you define your lifestyles on your terms and then put all of your heart into living it to the fullest. To be truly happy, one must increase themselves to the point that they can no longer be unselfish for the rest of their lives.

First and foremost, you must be happy

As Cyrano de Bergerac is questioned in Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, his intense individualistic nature is criticized. It wasn’t until early in his life that he determined he would satisfy himself in all things that he became the person he is today.

Your ability to at least enjoy yourself in everything is a factor in your happiness as well. Nonetheless, most people are unwilling to use their own happiness as the yardstick by which to evaluate the events in their lives. In most situations, this is a result of the fact that we let other people define or influence what makes us happy. Furthermore, we frequently believe that making other people happy is more important than making ourselves happy. All of this is absurd.

Humans are organisms that are driven by happiness. Everything we do in our daily lives is focused on maintaining and enhancing our level of happiness. We cannot be anything other than who we are psychologically since doing so would result in mental and emotional illness. The truth is that you can’t give away to anyone else anything that you can’t keep for yourself. Similar to how you can’t give money to the needy if you don’t have any, you also can’t make someone else happy if you’re not happy yourself.

Being happy for yourself and then sharing that happiness with others is the best way to ensure their happiness. Some people are only made depressed and discouraged by suffering and self-sacrifice. If you want to satisfy other people, start by living the kind of lifestyle and carrying out the kinds of activities that make you happy.

Young Hippie girl taking a walk on top of a mountain and enjoying the day. rear view. Happiness: The ultimate birthright

Use happiness as a roadmap

Make your life’s organizing principal happiness. To determine whether a certain action or choice might make you happier or less happy, compare it to your ideal level of happiness. You’ll soon realize that practically all of your difficulties stem from decisions you’ve made or are still making that don’t contribute to your pleasure.

Clearly, there may be times when you must make little concessions in order to achieve your ultimate contentment. Happiness, according to Earl Nightingale, is the modern consciousness of a worthy perfect. You can only truly feel delighted when you are taking small efforts toward achieving your clearly stated goals, and this happiness will be enhanced.

It’s important to take some time each day to reflect on who you are and identify your strengths and shortcomings since you can’t be truly happy unless you are honest with yourself about your inherent opportunities. The adage “Success leaves tracks” is common wisdom. You may take a look back at your life and figure out who you were virtually and what you needed to be doing with it. Asking yourself this potent question over and over can help you achieve this.

“If I knew I could not fail, what one great thing would I dare to dream?

Imagine that pursuing a chosen goal, no matter how great or tiny, no matter how short-term or long-term, is simply certain to bring you fulfillment. Imagine that you have everything you might need to achieve any significant goal in life, including unlimited resources, time, money, education, contacts, and other resources. What sort of thing? This is a crucial question because, when you remove the clutter from your thinking, you frequently have a clearer concept of what you should be doing with your life. Your most vivid dream reveals your inherent talents and what is most important to you.

Everything went well. Both sexes have enormous aspirations. They imagine what their fortune would be if everything went their way, and they work every day to achieve their long-term vision, objective, or goal. They are truly happy when they are using step-by-step awareness at their finest.

A dance of the spirit. Happiness: The ultimate birthright

The four categories of life

You can categorize the things you do in life into four categories, according to Dr. Viktor Frankl, the author of the book Man’s Quest for Meaning. The first group consists of subjects that are difficult to learn and master. Math is one subject that many people struggle with. Many people had trouble with arithmetic in school and still have trouble with bookkeeping, accounting, financial statements, and tax returns today. This form of interest is unsuitable for you if you find mathematics tough to study and difficult to master. You won’t ever feel lasting pride or enjoyment from it, no matter how much of it you do or how good you get at it.

The factors in the following category can be challenging to analyze but simple to implement. Cycling, driving, and tying your shoes are tough to learn yet simple to perform after enough practice. They are rarely the kinds of activities that make you feel wonderful about yourself after participating in them. They don’t need your outstanding abilities.

The third category consists of elements that may be simple to evaluate but challenging to implement. This category includes physical work. Although they are simple to study, using a shovel to dig a ditch and an ax to chop wood are both difficult tasks that will never become any simpler.

“Listen to your instincts; it will help you navigate the several happiness categories.”

The crucial class is the fourth. These are things that are simple to understand and simple to carry out. You seem to naturally gravitate toward them. Time flies while you are doing this kind of activity. The types of things that you should be doing with your life are those that are simple to assess and carry out. They show where your herbal skills and aptitudes are located. You will have all the fun, delight, and happiness you could ever want in life if you engage in those activities with all of your heart and commit to getting better and higher.

Being happy is not an accident

Everyone excels in something. Everyone will do something that stands out uniquely. Although it can take weeks, months, or even years to fully develop in that area so that you can perform in an excellent manner, you will be immediately drawn to that kind of activity.

You will have the opportunity to discuss, ponder, and analyze about it. You’ll realize that you admire those who are the best in their field. You will look wistfully at that topic and wonder what it may be like to participate in and succeed in it. Your heart may frequently crave that. You may have been placed on this earth to do that activity where you can become extraordinary.

Decide to keep trying until you succeed. The determination to pursue your goals with faith constitutes the first element of courage. The second element of courage is your ability to maintain your composure in the face of the inevitable failures and setbacks you will experience along the way.

Happiness doesn’t just happen. Those who are happy are those who consciously choose to lead happy lives. Those who know what they want and then put all of their effort into using their unique skills and competences to contribute to the field in which their aspirations are realized are happy people.

A last word

You were born with a specific mission in mind and were endowed with skills and talents that haven’t yet been completely developed. When you focus all of your efforts on realizing your full potential, you can exercise your most fundamental birthright: happiness.

Now, do you have any queries or worries? Then let me know in the space provided below for comments. I’d be delighted to hear from you.


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