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Connection And Gratitude Are Key To Being Happy.

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Connection And Gratitude Are Key To Being Happy.

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Connection and gratitude are key to being happy. Being grateful may be the most powerful key to happiness. It can be used to heal physical and mental illness, improve your health, wealth, and relationships, and even improve your outlook on life.

Celebration Event. Connection and Gratitude Are Key to Being Happy

Connection and Gratitude Are Key to Being Happy

People are b*tches. They constantly complain about everything. As a child, I was foolish enough to believe what people said. I truly believed there were numerous legitimate reasons to bitch: the weather (most commonly), financial loss (runner-up), friends, husband or wife, children (me, in this case), civilization (or lack thereof), poor health, and so on. I assumed the arena had simply evolved into this state and that there was nothing we could do about it. It became known as “destiny” or something similar.

Acting’s component was replaced by wishing. Not asking for a better life. No! I gained the faith required to ask God to forgive my sins. It became more and more difficult to think of faults to confess during our weekly confession because I developed into a sweet, helpful young woman who did well in school, was kind to strangers, and helped around the house. Yet, they claimed that I also needed to move to confess since people are inherently wicked.

The nuns at school thought of an idea to help us out: they “arranged” our misdeeds for us. They gave us a red paper with our “confessions of the day” every Wednesday on confession day. I can still picture the poor priest, hiding up in his tiny, pitch-black hut, listening to the confessions of 600 small ladies, repeating the same sins over and over again with no sign of an end in sight.

Growing up

As a child, I thought there was something wrong. After all, life couldn’t be about copying the sins someone else had invented for me to come in and appear awful. I resisted disclosing any further transgressions that I had now repented of. I didn’t want to admit that I was the cause of my suffering and that my daily prayers would not change anything.

When I turned 21, I traveled to Washington. There, I made some very intriguing friends, and we had a great time with plenty of sunshine and cash; these are the kinds of things people usually don’t moan about, right? My childhood common sense taught me that people only complain when they have anything to complain about, such as a bad climate (too bloodless, too much rain), financial loss, etc. But what I saw there really got my attention! While they were making five times as much money as they were before, my friends just kept complaining—about the weather (which was too warm), the service (they had five maids, but they still complained), or how wonderful everything was.

I then realized that the grumbling was no longer entirely motivated by any specific goals. Also, I noticed that the villagers’ inhabitants, who had almost nothing, were not moaning. I became intrigued by these phenomena since they had nothing but smiles on their faces, but we had everything and were still grumbling. How is this possible?

My comprehension of how unrelated the concerns were to the external circumstances became crystal evident. It developed into a way of thinking and an addiction. I then wanted to find out how this addiction started. I thus looked into the neighborhood’s lifestyle and compared it to our own. My manner of living was permanently altered when I finally came up with the reason.


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Differences that separate us

They and we differ from one other in two important ways. The first distinction is that they have a social network to support everyone in the locality. They remain a unit. They don’t exclude people who don’t fit the mold. Every single person who is a little different in our society is sent to an “institution.” An organization is a place to gather those who can’t keep up with society’s fast pace and end up falling off the boat. The majority of establishments have incredible fences to prevent us from “seeing” that those folks undoubtedly exist. They resemble a prison rather than a shelter.

Who are those individuals who don’t fit into our culture and are hidden behind walls, so we don’t have to deal with them? These include the ill, the hazardous, the person with an intellectual disability or disturbed, unique people , the sick, the slow (who attend special schools), the difficult to manage (who attend educational facilities), as well as the old and worn out (we positioned them in luxurious houses).

Everyone in Washington stays in their own neighborhood, is well-connected, and is taken care of. Everyone gets access to aid and a herbal social network. You are not socially isolated just because you have trouble walking or are mentally slow. They cling together. I learned that one of the main reasons we complain so much is because we feel lonely and isolated inside.

The second distinction is that each of those people is a part of something “bigger” than themselves. They have a strong belief in a benevolent god who looks out for them. People invest a lot of time in performing rituals to appease their god(s) and obtain accurate health and harvest in return.

“In this world, we are always a part of something new, something bigger.”

I considered these two variations in great conclusion that strengthening interpersonal relationships and a steady connection with something greater than ourselves are the two most important pillars of human happiness.

It’s all about “connection,” roughly. Many connections between them. Relationship with the cosmos. In the interim, I discovered that specific things manifest most easily when we maintain our connections with one another and the universe. I began learning about the laws of the universe and invested a lot of energy in helping one another and the universe. In actuality, this has become the main reason for my existence.

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The power of gratitude and connecting with the source

Many people think they must handle everything on their own, are powerless, and are all by themselves. The reverse is accurate. Guided and admired thanks to something that is more potent than your minor character. As much as you can, explore this link. Connect with the Source for however long is necessary. By imitating the behavior of the people I had the luxury of meeting all those years ago, you may create a genuine connection between yourself, the cosmos, and those around you without being excessively reliant on them. You’ll be able to show everyone far more affection since you’ll never feel lonely again.

You will forget about your prior court cases if you live this type of “connected lifestyle.” What’s the point of complaining? Your complaints will be exchanged for thanks! Thank the universe for all your possessions as well as the miracles that can still carry you along your way. Thank everyone for the affection you have received and will continue to receive throughout your life. Be real in your appreciation.

Do a simple hand gesture of gratitude for the smooth water coming from the tap. Many people spend six hours a day only to get a little amount of water, and other people even succumb to thirst. Be appreciative of the light you can turn on with a simple flick. Vast portions of the planet should survive without electric power! Say “thank you” for the variety of meals you have access to every day; many people rely on one meager meal per afternoon or are genuinely starving.

This world offers so much to celebrate.

There is much to celebrate. At the age of 21, I was so embarrassed to hear my friends in Washington, who were living in luxury but were still whining, while my friends, who had virtually nothing, were joking, being thankful, and most of the time, being very content with life’s minor pleasures.

Everything lies within the mind. Happiness and gratitude are states of mind and ways of being. It is unrelated to the situation. The attitude is one of thanks.

Have any queries or worries at this point? Please share your feedback in the space provided below. You can contact me at any time.

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