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What if I flop To The Ground?

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What if I flop To The Ground?

What if I flop To the Ground?

I hope you will. Sounds awful, I know. However, I essentially assume that the best thing that could happen to you is for you to take a small, timid leap and flop to the ground. Then, I want to see you stand back up, assess what likely went wrong, and attempt another jump. Continue making that leap of faith and learning from your mistakes until you become accustomed to both leaping and falling. The fear of falling may then fade, and you may eventually start to concentrate on flying.

I want to see you give it everything you’ve got, dive headfirst into your goals, and lose all sense of the possibility of failure in the process. Until you do, you will never find your wings. Failure anxiety is a cruel and foolish trick we play on ourselves. The fact that we put off pursuing our goals because we are afraid of failing is evidence that we have already failed. Who cares if you fail, is my question to you. Every day, brilliant people fail.