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Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

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Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

The personal development journey is a thrilling one. Beginning with enrolling in a course or running into something or someone new. In which will motivate you to commit yourself more fully to the procedure as a whole. Your journey may have shown you that growing individually can be lonely. That’s because, while you change and grow, those around you remain the same. Following that, here is a strategy for dealing with growth in your development journey.

Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

At the top, a smooth layer of cream develops. Using that technique, it can separate from the milk. That might be the New Age Movement’s true objective. We remind ourselves that the top is lonely. That’s accurate. Maybe we need to figure out how to keep it cream and whipped up in milk simultaneously. Imagine a luxurious, arid area that is first-class and decadent. Stir the marshmallows into the hot cocoa rather than letting them float on top. In actuality, marshmallows have lost their integrity and have been broken down into a variety of delicious treats. After you’ve gained some excellent enlightenment, a special lesson enters the picture.

Take the adult child who is not happy. He chooses to share his experiences while still on his journey. To live a successful life, he makes a conscious effort to educate himself as he goes through life. After achieving his objectives, he acquires a beautiful house, a collection of posh cars, and the means to take his family on vacations. The work required of his descendants will decrease. He has set aside funds for their college costs in addition to his retirement savings. He is successful, well-known, and tall. Is there a chance he’ll stay in touch with his pals from childhood? Certainly not.

The majority of people who successfully choose to travel there end up having to leave their friends behind. They frequently become upset and are shunned by their own family members. Because he succeeded while his peers failed, he is treated as a particularly horrible person. Eventually, he will need to find new friends and perhaps even a new family.

It is similar to becoming more enlightened about one’s political or religious beliefs, or perhaps one’s understanding of one another. The more spiritual, religious, balanced, wealthy, and globally minded you become, the more worldly and international you become, and the more isolated you might feel. Frequently, we are unable to find the few distinct individuals who are taking the same path as us.

The path of the careless and the idle is full of other people to please and converse with. The whiners’ course has been filled. It’s almost impossible to even move forward in the direction of safety, routine, and boredom. Why did you choose to take a different route, do you suppose? You desired forward motion, a small amount of elbow room, the ability to spread your fingers widely, and the desire to stand out as unique, particular, and special. Even though the public may also be familiar with you, they might not be able to relate to you on a deep level. I might spend a lot of time by myself.

The Internet is a great thing that has happened to those on this particular path. The world has recently become much smaller, and we can now locate our coworkers. The chances of people opposing them have not changed. Even though we are still in the minority, we can at least learn from one another and encourage one another to persevere.

It is easier to keep our heads high, throw our shoulders back, and declare emphatically, “I am what I am, and I am not ashamed, and I will not conceal anymore” when we are aware that there are others available who are similar to us. This is true whether you’re raising your children to be more than just disgruntled workers or proudly identifying as a Christian, gay, New Age, or another lifestyle choice. It also holds true if you’re accumulating wealth. It is awe-inspiring to realize that you are not alone once you become enlightened in a particular area and that you can find cheerleaders online.

As we become more and more enlightened on all levels, I think we will learn how to recognize the costs of being on all paths. Yes, I suppose some may want to gather their numbers and start wars and battles over religions or anything else. We learn that representing the “mild” and trying to shine above the “dark” is not always necessary for everyone. Without the “dark,” the “light” has nowhere to shine. Those who we label as “dark” certainly give us motivation. They encourage us to spread our own “light.” You have lost your own “light” while participating because fighting is a “dark” act in and of itself.

I don’t mean to imply that I am above such things, just that when I act aggressively, no matter how noble the cause, my own light does not shine.

I believe it is the isolation of personal growth that frightens us into doubting the necessity of winning everyone over to our way of thinking. While people are definitely targeted for conversion, it’s usually motivated by a desire to feel better about the sheer number of converts. Sometimes, it’s an innocent zeal for our newfound beliefs and beliefs. How many of us use the statistical data on the people who think we’re right as support for our position?

If you persist with your personal development long enough, you will no longer require someone else’s approval to validate who or what you are. We are social animals, and as such, we crave references to everything. But we don’t always want to believe each other so that it will connect on a heart-to-heart level.

Growing Individually Can Be Lonely

In the end

In the end, don’t be afraid of being alone once you reach enlightenment. Don’t try to convince people to believe you now. Simply open your heart and recognize that you are growing and that others are free to continue to develop or not. He is the game’s protagonist. We are all free to choose our own paths. Even if you went as far as to kill someone because of their beliefs, you most likely did not exchange them; instead, you weakened your own. We ought to be able to give others the benefit of the doubt if we’re practically atheists!

Go out there and keep growing even if neither of them succeeds in the end. So tell me, how do you prefer to advance your personal development? Comment below with your response and let me know.

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