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The Right Way To Respond To Compliments

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The Right Way To Respond To Compliments

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

In today’s society, we are taught to give thanks and be grateful for the things that we have. This also includes the actions of others and how they treat us within society. Sadly it can be seen to be hard to accept things in this day and age. And that includes things such as compliments. So with that said I am going to teach you the right way to respond to compliments. When we can do this then things can change very quickly. It’s really about perspective. 

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

What Exactly are Compliments

Okay, so let’s first define a compliment before discussing how to properly reply to one.

With compliments, you can individually show someone your admiration or approval. These can boost one’s self-confidence and assist in increasing inner self-awareness.

Some instances of compliments include saying that someone looks good in their attire or that you enjoy their hairstyle today.

However, sometimes it might be difficult to accept compliments when they are given. However, it is crucial to show courtesy when we do receive them. Here are some strategies for how to react appropriately to comments after that.

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

For many creative people, praise and awards are awkward. We can be so preoccupied with harshly critiquing ourselves that we become unprepared to respond to compliments.

We almost hope that someone would “come out and say it” just to validate our negative self-belief.

We will instead open the door to more positive interactions and thoughts, and we will actually start to believe them, while also learning how to embody nice words and accept accolades with grace.

Then, as our inner critic resurfaces, we can consciously decide to believe the encouraging messages we’ve been receiving.

Here are five steps toward graciously accepting compliments.

1. Note this.

Keep an eye on what you typically say when someone compliments you. Are you at odds with it by exclaiming, “No, I don’t look acceptable, I look dreadful!” or is it so uncomfortable that you are at a loss for words and just remark, “Oh, it changed into nothing”?

2. Practice.

If you know how accepting compliments is easier. Think about what you now do and how you would like to react the next time someone compliments you. Then, until you feel natural and sincere in stating it, practice announcing your new reaction (in front of a duplicate is sufficient).

Is there anything else you want me to say? It is always appropriate to smile and say “thank you” with warmth and sincerity. Don’t robotically apologize, justify, or retract praises.

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

3. Pause.

Stop before you answer when someone compliments you. When we take a break from autopilot and attempt something new, this is when change happens. Inhale deeply and keep in mind that you wish to take praises more eloquently.

4. Focus your attention elsewhere.

Keep your attention on the person who is praising you. Consider what they might be up to. Sometimes, our inner critic accuses the speaker of being sardonic, harboring some sort of ulterior agenda, or not really meaning what they say. Instead, assume the best and take the person at their word that they are sincere.

Think about being kind and polite to that person. Making them feel special by acknowledging their praise with genuine appreciation can make them remember you and speak up the next time they have something worthwhile to share with you.

Therefore, if you minimize their words by disputing them, reducing them, or appearing as though they have just insulted you, they will also consider it.

5. Try approaching it from a different angle.

Giving more praise is another way to improve your ability to receive them. Observe how other people get them. Due to your increased focus on the other person, this will considerably strengthen your relationships. You’ll be retaining your thoughts better overall as you hunt for excellent things to commend them on, and you’ll have less time for negative and troubling thoughts.

The Right Way to Respond to Compliments

As the last statement

As was said earlier, it’s critical to learn to embrace confidence if you want to have self-assurance. Although it may be challenging at first, things will get much easier as you begin to follow these five steps. Keep in mind that it’s all about their thinking. It will only get better from there if you learn to embrace the truth. In the end, all that counts is that you are attractive.

Go outside right now and embrace reality. Long-term, you’ll thank yourself for doing it. Please share your thoughts with me in the section below. I would greatly appreciate it.

(c) Linda Dessau, 2006.

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