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Determine To Be Happy- It Truly Starts With You

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Determine To Be Happy- It Truly Starts With You

Decide To Be Happy

It’s a wonderful fall day in Utah County. I’m looking out my window at the gorgeous trees in full leaves and the completely colored changing leaves. All while thinking about the folks that helped me get to where I am now. In light of that determine to be happy

Decide To Be Happy

Determine to be Happy

Melissa Smith became the kind of lady that some people enjoy detesting. Becoming constantly in a very cheerful mood and always having something positive to say. She shouted joyously, “Hello, my friend,” when she saw you. She nearly exclaimed, “I’m on top of the world!” when you asked her how she was feeling. Although her loud exuberance occasionally made me feel a little embarrassed, I was happy that she became my friend.

Melissa established herself as a distinctive employee in Utah’s health sector. The others circled around after her. She became a herbal motivator as a result of her mindset. Melissa was there to support anyone who was having a terrible day by assisting them in seeing the bright side of any circumstance. When I see her going to the facilities after work with one of the patients. Later, I discovered that Melissa had contributed more than half of her pay to help that girl with the medical expenses of her extended family. This wasn’t Melissa’s first time doing it. Her benevolence might be attested to by many.

In the 1990s, these situations were particularly challenging for healthcare professionals because there was only a decade left until the department would close, and the region had been transformed into another one.

I was fascinated by Melissa’s pleasant lifestyle philosophy, so one day I questioned her, “It escapes me! Everyone complains about the difficult work, the criticism, and the low pay. Everybody but you. No, you might always have a great character. What is your method?”

“You have the option of choosing happiness or misery. Really, it’s up to you.”

With a quick response and a quick smile, Melissa said, “Each morning I tell myself, “Melissa, you have two choices these days. You have the option of choosing to be in a good mood or a bad mood. Kiersti, I choose to have a great temper. Every time anything awful happens, I have the option of choosing to suffer or to learn from it. Kiersti, I choose to examine it. Every time someone complains to me, I have the option of either accepting it or pointing out the positive aspects of life. Kiersti, I choose the positive view of life.

I objected, “Yeah, right, it’s not that smooth.

Yes, Melissa said, “It is.” “Picks are the key to life. Every circumstance is a wish. You choose how to react in each circumstance. We have power over how the actions of others will affect our feelings. You may decide whether to be in a good or negative attitude. The truth is that you may live your life in whatever you want.

“That summer, my work in the health sector became very demanding. I was, despite everything, only 19 years old. In an effort to try to earn enough money for my year at American Beauty Academy, I moved back home for the summer.

Challenging? That is seriously understating things. My goal was to comprehend health from the top of the hospital and any potential mental health developments nearby. It requires understanding and acceptance to complete the task. Threat to life? Yep!

Decide To Be Happy

“Change is inevitable, so expect it.”

It might come apart unless that area was simple. We worked in female-only groups. We fastened masks across our faces to safeguard our safety. Every time we worked, we kept an eye on our equipment, and if it started to smell, we quickly left the area. The peak of the area turned into the grossest part because the odor rises. I was angry as soon as Melissa was moved to the kids’ area. She was working in the coolest area of Utah during that hellish summer. Can’t I do it right now? For her, it was pleasant to work, even in the filthy hell that is the healthcare center. Why do you no longer require me?

We must expect change. The employees instigated strikes. When Melissa talked to me, she was in tremendous pain. She had never expressed disappointment to me before. “Kiersti, I just got to work. Most likely, I’ll turn out to be a scab. I’ve got to support my family.” For eight months, my husband Beck has been depressed. The difficult choice is the hardest.

In Utah, a little baby that was completely innocent was shot and killed right away. I can think of several horrible instances where scabs were killed, severely injured, or disabled because they chose to walk the picket line. Nothing could be done for Melissa. The health sector was the most practical business in the town, which was 10 miles from civilization. She had no money to travel and no money to pass. I regretfully agreed with her decision. What else would I like to do?

“Things happen, but what matters is how you handle them.”

The next day was a horrible one. A few scabs made it up to the health, but they were mocked, jeered at, and protested by the hundreds of enraged people in line. Melissa bowed her head in shame and drove past the spot in a company car guarded by armed personnel. It was a disastrous decision to work. Nevertheless, not anymore because of societal prejudice against scabs. Melissa gave me the responsibility of smoothing the area’s peak. Previously, on my best days, I had worked at the same place. On that day, neighbors watched as the neighborhood fell apart, and my friend Melissa died quickly from burns.

The loss of Melissa had a profound effect on me. By using that place, it might have been my life that was taken. I was damaged when I was a child. Worst of all, I felt bad for hating how much time she spent in the kids’ section. I felt guilty for not always embracing her positive approach. But now she has become a distant memory. Her mother abandoned her family. She was listed as a temporary worker because of how scabby her surviving paintings had become, and the family lost all of her support as a result. It evolved into a tragedy I was unable to handle.

The fire in that room raged within me. I had to channel my rage, remorse, misery, and pain into something of the highest caliber. I thought about Melissa’s optimistic outlook and decided that the best way to commemorate her would be to live a life that is similar to hers and pay attention to the positive aspects of my life.

Decide To Be Happy

What I Learned

Melissa’s untimely death gave me a priceless lesson. Life is transitory. It is impossible to predict when we shall be asked to embark on the Great Adventure. We should value every day of our existence. Melissa was entirely correct. Every day is a decision. Your day’s activities are entirely up to you. You have the option of choosing happiness or discontentment, love or hatred. The key to enlightenment is choosing. Which option are you going to choose today? This week, keep in mind my friend Melissa and choose the right path to be happy

It’s your time now. Will you feel happy or sad? You and you alone are responsible for this decision. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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