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How Does Self Confidence Work? A Full Breakdown

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How Does Self Confidence Work? A Full Breakdown

How Does Self Confidence Work? A Full Breakdown

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-confidence and self-love. Many people believe self-confidence is something one is born with, only attractive highly successful people are confident, truth rejected, and down-lookers. I want to set the record straight on how exactly self-confidence works. Not just to explain how it works, but to have it lead to actual happiness and self-love. It’s also why it’s probably the most proficient and sustained way of living.

Understanding WHAT Self Confidence is.

I suppose it’s vital to first grasp what self-confidence is and why it’s important for mental health. Before we can comprehend how the self-confidence formula works in terms of self-love.

Self-confidence is defined as a strong belief in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment, as bizarre as that may sound. Without going into too much detail, this has evolved into a belief in one’s worth, strengths, and shortcomings over time.

How Does Self Confidence Work? A Full Breakdown

The ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which contains all the cells in the brain, is responsible for either feeling trust in something or decision-making. This is because we are motivated by rewards.

Different levels of electrons flow from neuron to neuron in different types of cells in the brain that contribute to confidence. In the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, for example, millions of neurons communicate with one another to aid decision-making and impulse control.

Self-confidence also entails appreciating oneself regardless of what one does or says. So, whether one succeeds or fails, they have the confidence to do so with pride and love for themselves.

As a result, self-confidence can be seen as a way of looking at oneself. Being looks, self-thoughts, exercise, mental health, foods one eats, and belief in one’s ability to do anything are all factors on the exterior and within.

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The Formula: Knowing and Doing

Knowing what and how self-confidence works, as well as taking the measures to get high levels of confidence, is a simple formula that leads to high levels of confidence and self-worth.

Being able to achieve anything equals freedom and success.

Your mindset and how you see yourself will begin to shift if you change your style of thinking and manage your thoughts every minute of the day. (Yes, this can be done)

To begin, how many negative ideas do you have in a day? This is referred to as pessimism or poor self-esteem, and it varies depending on who one is around, previous experiences, lack of support, trauma, family mental illness, and stressful situations. By rewiring the brain, you can increase your self-confidence. Hypnosis is one method for accomplishing this.

So, for someone like me, who is 31 years old and now struggling. It is possible to alter one’s perspective. In my own life, I utilize hypnosis to remove unwanted influences. These are some first motivations for assisting people who have poor self-esteem.

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It’s about Believing in Yourself

When it came to confidence and self-love before the knowing and doing approach, I tried a lot of different things. I tried meditation, the law of attraction, hypnosis, exercise (which I still do), altering my way of thinking, daily gratitude, embracing everything, and spending a lot of time with good people while avoiding negative individuals.

When I first started learning about the self-confidence approach to love, I realized that it was all about making small changes to one’s everyday behaviors and mindset. These are “behavioral modifications” that we all engage in when we are accustomed to performing something and need to modify it. It takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to create a habit.

However, without understanding what the self-confidence strategy is and how to consider a change in one’s life, we are prone to let our habits and thoughts govern us…which usually involves lying, pessimism, or binge eating. Unfortunately, those will trap us in a never-ending loop of consuming our emotions, comparing ourselves to others, and developing mental illnesses to attain self-confidence.

So it all boils down to making daily behavioral and thinking changes, but it doesn’t imply you can’t have bad thoughts or behaviors. It simply means that you must be aware of what you are doing, saying to yourself, and thinking, as well as how it makes you feel.

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The Realization That You Can’t Fake It to Happiness

One of the ideas is that you can deceive yourself into happiness and confidence. While this is true, it is far more difficult to go out and pretend to be someone you aren’t than it is to be yourself.

Many people “fake” or put on a mask, believing that it is better to go out and pretend to be happy or confident, and then try to make other people feel better by pretending to be someone you aren’t, causing that person to be even more unhappy.

However, the truth is that one’s genuine self will eventually emerge, and you will no longer be able to handle things. When one holds their genuine sentiments inside, they become bottled up, which causes one to fracture.

So, while it’s a bold idea to believe that you can fake it until you make it (which you can), it’s not a sensible way of thinking about acquiring confidence if you’re not willing to invest in changing your ideas and actions.

It’s best to have a healthy mix of positive thoughts and routines.

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Having a Self-Confidence Gameplan.

You must have a game plan to be effective with self-confidence. Nothing is more embarrassing than going out or being invited out and feeling so lousy about yourself that you decline or have a bad time. I have a few pointers that I’ve picked up along the way in the “self-confidence” arena that I believe will be useful to you.

1. Eating Healthy and Exercising: Exercising makes people feel better about themselves, not worse. I understand that you may not enjoy working out, but if that is the case, you have most certainly not found the proper workout for you. A simple fifteen-minute walk can be used as a workout. Eating foods that you enjoy and are healthy will make you feel a lot better, much like working out. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, proteins, and healthy oils, for example.

2. Do what you love: Go out and dance, work out, cook, and so on. Go ahead and do whatever it takes. This is because when we do something we enjoy, our self-assurance skyrockets. Doing what you enjoy differs from person to person, therefore you shouldn’t try to please others by doing what they enjoy. Finally, don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions because they are meaningless.

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3. Meditate: Putting oneself in a relaxed condition might assist enhance confidence and self-esteem. By calming the body and clearing the mind of unpleasant thoughts. One of the meditations I use is called “A Guided Meditation to Help Improve Self-Confidence and Reach Peak Performance”, available on Amazon.

“Meditation induces a relaxing theta state.”

4. Wear something sexy: Looking good makes you feel good. This is because it relieves physical and mental stress that may be present in the mind, allowing you to feel more confident. It is their problem, not yours if what you wear makes others feel uncomfortable. Everyone has various tastes, and it doesn’t matter what they are as long as they are happy.

5. Hypnosis: Hypnosis can help you do this by removing limiting thoughts and changing the way you talk about yourself. Try it for at least 28 days to see what occurs. This can make you feel more upbeat and confident in your life. On YouTube, there are numerous hypnosis apps and videos. Consider calm and mind valley.


6. Affirmations: Affirmations such as “I am” or “I can” can make anyone feels better about themselves. This deceives your subconscious mind into believing that something is correct. For instance, I am the most self-assured person I know. It is suggested that you recite it in the mirror for 28 days. I highly recommend the RYVE Affirmations card deck- 52 positive affirmations for women, available on Amazon.

7. Get out of your comfort zone: This is how you’ll know if you’re confident. Have you ever wanted to do something but were too terrified to do so? Why don’t you go to that movie or try that new Italian restaurant? You don’t have to take a huge risk just to try something new. People who lack confidence are often terrified of becoming self-sufficient or accomplishing things on their own. If you can try anything new on your own, you’re one step closer to becoming more self-assured.

“The worst enemy of self-love and confidence in the comfort zone.”

8. Listen to upbeat music: Have you ever listened to a song and been compelled to get up and dance? That’s your self-assurance reawakening. This is because it stimulates the mind while also calming the spirit. This is useful not only in private but even in stressful situations.

Keep in mind that you are a human being, and no one is perfect. You can work on yourself after you know your weaknesses and talents.

It’s now your turn. Examine your life and figure out how you might be more comfortable in your skin. It is critical to engage in daily activities to observe outcomes.

Let me know if you have any questions on self-confidence or how to best practice self-love in the comment section below. I have a lot of experience with this and would be happy to assist you.

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14 Responses

  1. Daniel Tshiyole says:

    There is a fine line between self-confidence and being cocky. Some people are very cocky and will think that it is confidence. I will be sure to share this article with my friends as I believe that some of them need to read this. Thank you so much for this post.

    • Kiersti says:

      It is said how many people have a hard time knowing the difference between the two. I see a lot of people who seem confident but they are not. I everyone knew they were difference in meaning then things would most definetly do things differently.

  2. Nikki says:

    This is the exact same thing I learned long ago. It also helps if you set small goals to obtain everyday and then make sure you actually do meet those goals. Once you do start seeing that you can do whatever it is you’re setting out to do you become more confident in yourself and your own abilities. Another thing I might add is surround yourself with people that lift you up and not tear you down so whenever you do say “Oh yeah and I did this today guys” and you share your win then you’ll be congratulated and feel good about yourself. This was an interesting article and I enjoyed it a lot thank you!!

    • Kiersti says:

      I agree with setting small goals however, one must actually do them. Practice really makes things better and one more confident. Being around positive people who support you make things more fun in life. Your welcome for the read. 

  3. Minjun Kim says:

    I am very interested in the content of this article. It has been that way for a long time.
    In fact, I don’t seem to have a clear understanding of the difference between self-esteem, narcissism and self-confidence.
    I thought deeply about the things I like to do as listed above and tried various things. Among them, I have fun while doing it, I do it over and over again, and sometimes difficulties come in, but I can’t let go… I believe that these kinds of things are right for me.
    I also believe that this is what I am doing now.

    • Kiersti says:

      I am so glad your interested in stuff life this. I have been for a while and it truly helped me when I started understanding the mental health thing more and more. Its really all about taking action. 

  4. Champ says:

    I’m an anxious person, and i lack self confidence. But I learned that if I don’t start building my confidence now, then I’m going nowhere. Confidence leads to Success. I also learned that i should go to someone whenever I need help. Because people do care and want to help you, especially your friends and family. Thank you for making this article. Slowly i will try to build up my confidence, and try to support others as well. 🙂

    • Kiersti says:

      I think everyone lacks confidence at times. Asking for help is a great way to learn and grow to make sure one is successful. Good luck on your self confidence journey.  

  5. Bethel says:

    Wow, this is so inspiring. Self-confidence is valuable especially if you are a professional. What I understood as confidence is not being perfect, proud or lying to oneself. Real confidence comes from being real without trying to impress people. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

    Another thing is that you have to deal with fear and anxiety because these two can mess with your confidence. When you love yourself, you also believe in yourself. 

    One thing I tell myself when fear wants to creep in is “I am wonderfully made, I am unique, I am the right person for this job/task and I CAN DO IT!

    • Kiersti says:

      Confidence is about being your true self. Which includes all the good and the bad but that’s ok because being yourself is a beautiful thing. And in the end no one’s perfect anyways. 

      That of fear and mental issues are life and many struggle it’s all about being able to handle it. 

      I love that of affirmations they really help one and there self esteem. With that said thanks for commenting. 

  6. Anusuya says:

    I truly enjoyed this article on self-improvement.

     I always think of how to improve myself.

    Building up of healthy and productive routine around the day and every day helps a lot. 

    Be mindful, of what your thoughts are. Thoughts lead to actions. 

    Action leads to consequences. Good consequences make you mentally happy and boost your self-confidence.

    How can one boost self-confidence in a failure?

    This is what I think and may help.

    When you have a choice to make, analyze in every possible direction before you opt for a choice. You are self-assured why your option is good. However, if it doesn’t work the way you chose, you can modify it without feeling bad and you become more knowledgeable. You then make a better decision. You improved yourself.

    • Kiersti says:

      I find personal development and self-love to be very important especially in this day and age. 

      In life being able to love ourselves is key to a happy and successful life. And with that is by taking actions to succeed in all areas. 

      Failure is something that makes us stronger because we learn from it. At first, it may be hard, but it’s important to just get up again. We learn from those failures which over time makes us confident in our abilities. 

      Thanks for commenting. It means so much. 

  7. KJ says:

    I enjoyed the article regarding self-confidence.  As many have pointed out, there’s a big difference between being confident and being arrogant, which is more of an ego thing.

    Regarding your article, I couldn’t make out the subtitle of your header because of some of the words melting into the background (white on white), which makes it difficult for others to read it.  Other than that, thank you for the article.

    • Kiersti says:


      Okay so I checked it out and that is my only article it does that. However changing it can be hard since I would have to redo my site. But I will look into it thanks. 

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