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Learning To Accept Yourself, Even Your Flaws

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Learning To Accept Yourself, Even Your Flaws

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Learning to accept yourself even your flaws is an important part of self-love and personal growth. Discover tips and techniques for developing self-acceptance, recognizing your self-worth, and living a more fulfilling life.

Learning to accept yourself even your flaws


Learning to accept yourself even your flaws

Do you cringe when you read that title? When it first entered my mind a few days ago, I winced.

We don’t like to think about our “unsightly components,” do we? By “ugly parts of the route,” I mean the aspects of ourselves that we believe to be less than flawless. Regardless of how many hours we spend in the gym, some people will have physical imperfections such as acne, jiggly thighs, or a persistent pot tummy. Others may experience emotional issues such as fears, phobias, or low self-esteem.

One thing I continually have to examine in my own life is that the more I resist those aspects of myself, the more I despise them, push them away, and want to forget about them, the bigger and more powerful they become. They can control me because of my resistance.

What if we made the decision to stop hiding those aspects of who we are? Imagine if we (gasp!) liked them just the way they were. How do things go for them?

Acceptance and affection toward others

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve been a dog owner (or, more accurately, they’ve owned me). Several of them were strays when I brought them in, and they were in terrible health. Fleas, worm infestations, and a dull coat and eyes. Part of it was due to their lack of physical fitness and proper food, which I corrected over the next few weeks. On a deeper level, though, those creatures were longing for romance and devotion. I helped with that as well, by touching them, talking to them, and indicating with and without words that they mattered, that they deserved to be loved truly and completely. And they reacted in kind.

Week by week, a little glint would emerge from their eyes. There’s a chance they’ll get lively and exhibit joyous or contented behaviors. They finally started to look less like the ragged creatures that had come in through my door. Their life and vigor shone off of them. The pupils of their eyes had grown brilliant and alert, and their coats had softened and silken. They looked to be at ease. Love is transforming. That’s how simple it is. Anyone who has experienced intense love can attest to that.

How does it affect our “ugly components” then? What may happen if we loved and accepted them? Would they transform into something even more beautiful? Maybe, maybe not. These aspects of who we are could also have a role, and we won’t be able to replace them. If we are unable to change the ones, perhaps we can still alter our perception of them. They won’t seem “ugly” to us anymore. They do indeed end up being a minor aspect of who we are in general. These male or female traits are what they are, whether they are good or bad.

The act of hating particular aspects of ourselves is like to turning away from a rainbow because we don’t like the color green. You could at least have the green hue if you desire the other shades, right? Green is essential to a rainbow’s completion. If we’re going to accept ourselves, we should accept EVERY aspect of who we are. Some of these we might be able to improve as time goes on, while others we might not. It’s actually okay, too.

Just keep in mind

The most important thing is to learn to live in peace with ourselves rather than always fighting these pointless wars. We want to love, care for, and be a part of ourselves. As a result, we may experience transformation on any level.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please let me know in the comments box below; I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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