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In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released its new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These guidelines have been put in place to make sure that everyone reading or watching online content (blogs, YouTube videos, etc.) is aware if the blogger or presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or working with another business. The readers of a blog should be aware of whether the blogger is getting paid for promoting a link or item. Referred to as an affiliate disclosure.

Please assume the following concerning links and articles on this website in accordance with FTC regulations: The links on Womansdailyneeds.com are all affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and purchase something, I may make a small commission.

What are affiliate links?

When using an affiliate link on Womansdailyneeds.com to buy something, you deal directly with the seller. Womansdailyneeds.com essentially earns a tiny commission as an affiliate of Amazon or another business in exchange for promoting its website or goods.

Affiliate links or non-affiliate links will not affect the price for you. Altogether, clicking on the link will not cost you more.

Affiliate programs fall into two main categories:

1. Amazon affiliate links.

As an Amazon Services LLC Associates Program member, Womansdailyneeds.com can earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties such as amazon.com. Affiliate links on Amazon earn a small commission.

The blogger receives a small cut of the sale if a reader adds something to their “shopping basket” on Amazon within 24 hours after clicking a link to one of their products. Basically, If you click on the Amazon link and then make a purchase on Amazon, I will get compensated.

An affiliate link for Amazon is any link that ends in astore.com/ or amazon.com.

2. Product affiliate links.

If you were to click the link and buy the item in either scenario, the blogger would get paid. E-courses, online packages, and e-book bundles all contain many affiliate links. Again, therefore affiliate links have no impact on the pricing. And there will be no price rise if you were to click the link. These links are not pay-per-click, in any case.

What about sponsored content?

Definitely don’t publish stuff that is sponsored. I want to give you factual, unbiased information. If a post is sponsored, I will make it very apparent at the start of the post that it is sponsored.

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