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Male hand assembling a We apologize sign written on two wooden pegs placed over blue wooden background.

Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself, Be Unapologetically You.

Do you often find yourself saying sorry for things that don’t really warrant an apology? Many of us tend to over-apologize, which can be linked to feelings of low self-confidence or a fear of not being accepted. I used to be someone who constantly apologized, but I’ve since learned to stop apologizing for being myself…
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My heart, holding my heart. What Matters Most is On the Inside

What Matters Most Is On The Inside.

Hello, readers seeking self-improvement! This article will address internal issues. Despite our efforts to conceal it, our inner selves always seem to manifest externally. Meaning what matters most is on the inside. Humans are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and this is because our hearts contain several intense emotions. Even if you…
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Rearview shot of an unrecognizable businesswoman standing and flexing her biceps while looking out of her high-rise office. How is Your Self-Esteem

How Is Your Self-Esteem- It’s From Within

How is your self-esteem? Well, many factors contribute to poor self-esteem in people. Some individuals grapple with negative body image, often fixating on perceived flaws in their physical appearance. Others experience emotional issues that have caused a decline in their self-esteem or a perception that they are undeserving of any recognition. Finding the source of…
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